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Friday, May 21, 2010

Locks for Love

So on Wednesday I did something that I have been promising myself I would do for over a year now. Last year when we were at the Relay For Life fund raiser to benefit the American Cancer Society they had "locks for love" there to cut and collect hair for wigs for cancer patients. I had mentioned before that I wanted to do this, but I didnt have enough time to think it over and decided to pass then and promised I would do it this year!

SO as the year went on I thought about it a little bit, but never too seriosly. When I found out my baby would only be a month old, not to mention that we would not be living in the same town this summer, and that my family wanted to do an every-other-year relay I decided I better get serious and keep my promise. After being bugged and bugged by my sister and mom I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I was ready for a change, ready for summer, and my neice is in the "pull any hair near my hand" phase that I am so not looking forward to again....

So I walked in and my sister chopped off 13 inches of my hair! 13!!! Do you have any idea HOW MUCH hair that is?!?! It is alot! I am still not sure I am happy with my new do, I havnt had my hair this short since I was in 8th grade! But I am glad I can do my part to help someone in need!

Here are some much anticipated pictures.... please excuse the 36 1/2 week pregnant frumpy mom look! :)



  1. I think it's wonderful that you are supporting such a great cause. And your hair still looks pretty long in the after pics.

  2. That is awesome and your hair is still long! Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. How fantastic...and it will all grow back. Think of all those that do not have hair to grow. Sounds odd by my Dear Hubby is growing his hair to do the same with.

  4. Wow! I can't believe how long your hair was. Congrats to you for supporting a good cause.

  5. 13 inches is a lot of hair! Awesome! And your new do is still really cute. Congrats on your upcoming little one too. You look cute preggo. :)

  6. You look Fantastic and your hair is still super long!!! And by the way you are so skinny you don't look like a frumpy mom. You are beautiful!

  7. I agree, you hair still looks long and beautiful! That is great that you can do that for someone in need, especially since your hair isn't weak and colored. You have such healthy hair, it will be perfect for a wig! Also, glad to see some belly shots! You are so lucky to just have a bump and otherwise look you aren't even pregnant. Not much longer to go!

  8. That's amazing you have so much hair to share :) You look great!

  9. Your hair was (and is!!!) so beautiful - but even more beautiful was your decision to donate to Locks for Love. That's so awesome! :-)


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