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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tip for the weekend

When using sprayable sunscreen always make sure you go over EVERY spot at least twice- a tiny wind can completely take that stuff far away from your skin! Ask my husband.... He has a couple of beautiful spots from this afternoon..... OOPS!

Friday, May 29, 2009

ay yi yahy

I love seeing old boyfriends around town- ok, not so much! I knew the day would come when I would run into that guy who dumped me and then got married just a few weeks later- well yep, it happened today! Not that I cared or that it really mattered, not like I still "like him" or anything, just one of those things you cringe about when you think about it! lol. At least he was nice and it really wasn't very weird at all..... except that he acted really nervous and kept repeating things.... hehehehe! Share your experiences!

Free chocolate

DO you love chocolate as much as I do? Well then you better get on over to and sign up for your free chocolate bar- every Friday for a while! This is my 4th time!! lol

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What im working on Thursday

Boppy Pillow for a friend
Swimsuit and hat for the little lady
10 diapers so far for Krystal
6 of the15 trainers for an order!

I have been tagged

Crazy Eights Tag

I've been tagged!!!!

Thanks, Danyelle!!

Here be Da Rules:
1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Complete the list of 8's.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers.
4. Tell them they have been tagged.

Eight Things I Look Forward To:

  1. Being done with school.
  2. Having our own house!
  3. The baby being able to talk.
  4. The weekend.
  5. DH coming home.
  6. All of my sewing machines working....
  7. Business booming.
  8. Eternity.

Eight Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Homework.
  2. Diaper sewing.
  3. Diaper snapping.
  4. Took baby swimming.
  5. Bought pop cycles.
  6. Played at my family's farm.
  7. Watched the Lakers game.
  8. Made Nachos for dinner.

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. Go on a REAL vacation.
  2. Have a maid to clean my house and cook!
  3. Run around outside like a little kid.
  4. Take DH somewhere fun for our anniversary.
  5. Make the day have more time in it.
  6. Be done with my school work!
  7. Find a money tree.
  8. Own a fabric store.

Eight Shows I Watch

  1. Ugly Betty
  2. Grays Anatomy
  3. Southland
  4. Ace of Cakes
  5. Oprah
  6. Dateline
  7. The biggest looser
  8. 3rd rock from the sun

Eight Friends I Am Tagging:
1. Kylie's mom
2. Devon
3. Brandy
4. Jackie
5. Jen
6. Hailey
7. Krystal
8. Heather

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday

This is somewhat of a repete post, but not really....

I have been to the pool quite a bit these past few days and every time I go it makes me cringe to see all the kids, (required up to age 4 at our pool) wearing swim diapers! GROSS! Seriosly people, those things are costing you $1 a diaper! Really?!? To have something that bulks up and makes it hard for your kid to walk, and when they sit on your lap you are completely soaked?

Cloth swim diapers are a MUST HAVE! Really- I am not just saying that because I make them (which will be at the end of the post) $1 a diaper?!?! It really just makes me sick. What is even worse is the discusting, wet, gel filled swim diapers all piled up in the trash.

Here is the deal ladies- I am going to offer my swim diaper for a special price for the ladies who read my blog- 1 for $10 and 2 for $18! That is a diaper that will last you AT LEAST ONE summer for the price of a pack that will last you 10 trips to the pool! Any size, any colors I have- I have boy stuff, I have girl stuff, mix and match your sizes and styles, but get your kids a cloth swim diaper!

Here are the details-
These swim diapers are made with a layer of knit next to baby's skin, with 3-4 layer of terry as a soaker inside to keep messes inside. Elastic encases the leg holes as well as the front and the back, to hug the baby's body and keep what is ment to be in the diaper IN! They then have a layer of cute lycra and can either be paired with one of the cute tops I make or they can be worn under any swim suit! They are trim, slim and fit perfectly. When you are done, simply pull it off, squeeze it out, and throw it in the wash or hang to dry like a normal swim suit! Seriosly- it is so easy and cost eficient that you will NEVER go back! Give it a try!! If you have been trying to convince your husband or yourself that you may like cloth diapers, try this first! I promise you will love it, or I will give you your money back!
I will also give you a dollar off your order for every person your refer who buys a swim diaper! (make sure you leave me a comment and let me know who you refered when you order!) Lets help the earth and our pocketbooks one baby at a time!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anyone following along?!

I am trying to decide if it will be worth my time (and fabric) to do a rag quilt tutorial- so if you are interested please leave a comment so I will know for sure! Also let me know if you tried out my pants tut

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Think about it Sunday

What would you do if you got an entire day off to do anything you wanted?

I would start by sleeping in past 7. Then I would get some breakfast, but for that I would want to go with my DH to get some crepes! After that I would come home and sew without interruption. I would want to go anywhere, because I like my family to be with me, but I wouldn't mind not being in charge of meals, clean up or kid patrol! Ok, so basically I want DH's job! lol

What would you do with a whole day to yourself?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I hate my vacuum!

My vacuum doesn't suck- and that REALLY sucks! Not only that, but anything I try to get up off the carpet is instantly chopped into 10,000 peices that come flying back at my feet! I can vacuum for an hour, and the floor ends up being dirtyer than it was before I started! it makes me SO mad! SO anyway- anyone have a suggestion of a good cheep vacume? (p.s. I have changed the belts multiple times, it does not have a bag- it is on the lowest setting, but still, it doesnt work!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things Im working on Thursday

I dont know if you noticed or not- but I got new swimsuit stuff in yesterday and have a few new things up on my Etsy site! including BOY swimsuits!!! SO make sure you go check it out!!!

I have been making diapers like crazy, but didnt snap a picture of them.... maybe later today! :) (not to mention my snaps arnt here yet so they arnt very functional....) I finished my woodland creatures and some cupcakes and sent them off, and I cut out about 6 pair and finished 2 pairs of jammies for the baby- I will take some pix of those later too! So not much of a show- but here ya go!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sewing for dummie- PJ PANTS!

Ok Ladies! I have come to the conclusion that I cannot teach you how to use your machine, or thread your machine, because every machine is different! So this tutorial starts AFTER you figure that stuff out..... I hope that is ok!

We are going to make the absolute easiest thing there is to make- PJ Pants! All you need to know how to do is a straight stitch, but if you know how to doa zig zag, that is a plus! For these pants you do not need a pattern, all you need is something like 1 yard or fabric, a peice of elastic 2 inches smaller than the person the pants are for's waist, and a pair of pants that fit the said person well.

First off- find a pair of pants that fit your child (or whoever) well, but are kind of baggy and are long enough. (Jeans work best) Take the pants, turn them inside out. You can see the lines where the crotch is sewn. Now comes the somewhat tricky part- take one of the legs and push it inside the other one- so now the pants basically look like they have 1 leg and the crotch is a curve- this is officially your pattern! You can either trace it out on a poster board, or you can just remember this trick! Works every time!
Take your fabric and put the colored side next to the floor. Fold over the edge just enough to fit your whole pattern on. You will not put your pair of pants (pattern) on top on the fabric with the side WITHOUT the curve up against the fold- this will make it so the pants only have 1 seam per leg! Make sure you have at least an inch of fabric under the pants so that you have enough for a hem!

Now cut out the pattern- do this by going about 1 inch away from the pants and just follow along the general shape of your pattern peice, but add about 1 inch to the top where the wasteband would be too!- it should look something like THIS when it is finished- Make sure you cut 2 like this- you can actually use the first peice as your new pattern!
This part is optional- I personally like my pants to have a back and a front, so with both of your pants peices having the colored side facing each other- choose one side and clip about 1/4- 1/2 inch off of the crotch seam on ONE side-Yipee! Now you get to sew! Start off by taking an iron and pressing the bottom edge about 1/4 inch up and then fold that up and press that part too- this is called a hem! This is done to encase the raw edge and make it look finished.Now you are going to put it onto your machine. I like to use the edge of my foot to see make me sew a straight line. Just put the edge right onto the edge of your fabric and stitch- make sure you back stitch (go backwards) to knot the thread and keep it from coming apart.- Do this to both sidesYipee! Your first hem! Now do this to the top edges too- This makes a nice finished seam! Remember not too much, just about 1/4 inch or less!
Now we start to construct the pants! Take one of your legs and put the side edges together- you will now sew all the way up the straight part of the pantsIt will look like THIS- I then like to do a zig ag next to the seam I just did to make it fray less. Repete with the other side!
Now comes the really tricky part- you will take one of your pant leg peices and turn it inside out. Now you will stuff it inside the other one- so that both of the colored peices are facing each other. Match up the seams and pin the peice all the way around- it will look like a great big curve. If you are scared, so take your pair of jeans you used as a pattern and look at them- this is EXACTLY how they are sewn! Take and sew this whole seam! (Obviosly you are going to leave the top part open silly!)This is what it will look like- Now- you are almost done!

Now- you get to see your amazing project! Turn it right side out and admire it!

Now this is the part you need the person you are making these for-
ok- well my little person is NOT being cooperative today, so I will not have pictures for this part tonight, but I will write it out and if it doesn't make scene, I will show pictures in the morning (little monster is in bed )

Ok, so now you have the top- if you did it like me your top will be about 6 inches taller than you would ever need, but that is why you try your model. You want to be able to fold the top part down about 1/4 inch BIGGER than your elastic- so if it is tiny, you might want a bigger hem, if it is big, make sure the casing (the fold where you will slide your elastic into) is big enough. SO again, put the pants on your model, grab some pins and mark about where you would idealy want your waistband to be. Once you have that figured out, be careful not to poke the model!

Now you will take your iron and iron it down. SO idealy you will have a fold and the bottom "raw edge" of the fold will be folded over so that there are no raw edges showing, and you will now sew this part close to the bottom of it obviosly, and you will leave a 1 inch opening so you can stuff your elastic in.

Now take your elastic, measure your model around the waist and then subtract an inch or so and cut. Put a saftey pin on the end of it (trust me, I have used tweezers, straight pins, fingernail clippers, bobby pin, paper clips-they actually worked, about anything you can think of.... but a saftey pin works the best!) Now carefully thread your elastic through your "casing" and make sure you dont loose the other end! When you have both ends, you can saftey pin them together to be sure they dont get lost, but then put the ends together and take a stitch to stick them together- go back and front and back and front about 3-5 times and then pull on it a bit to make sure it is together! Now you can let it go! Now move it around in the pants until it looks good, and sew up the hole you left to stick it in-

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!! You have just finished Pj pants!! Please send me pics! I really want to see what you come up with!! (My email is a button in the sidebar!)

Wordless Wedensday- it must be spring....

(Notice dog scratch on face....)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part 2 of sewing for dummies (on hold)

I know you are all waiting, but I want to give those who are slackers a few extra hours to get their fabrics! I am off to start my tutorial and will have it up first thing in the morning! Remember- 1 yard of fabric and wash on hot with a cold rinse and dry on hot!!

Seeya tomorrow!

Crunchy Tuesday

SO for this crunchy Tuesday I want to post about something many of you do, and many of you may want to do, but for some reason dont, and that is having a garden! Did you know that $25 worth of seeds can feed a family of 4 for an entire year?!? So all you coupon crazy ladies out there need to think that one over for a minute..... lol

Yesterday we went to the seed store and purchased broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, green beans, onions, corn and carrot seeds, along with 4 peper plants and 4 tomato plants, and the total was a wooping $20! Seriosly! If you are a member of the LDS church this is not new news to you! Our prophets have been telling us to plant gardens for centuries now! How can you better teach your kids about taking care of things and about the importance of healthy eating than by having hand grown and picked veggies right from your yard!

As a little girl my family always had a HUGE garden! It was our job to help weed and to help pick beans, peas, strawberries and raspberries. Each night of the summer we ate fried zuccini and if we were lucky we got a pot of peas, carrots and baby potatos- YUM! I was very sad when I realised we would not get to have a garden this year- so I went out and bought some planters and decided to make my own! I planted carrots, lettace, spinach, peas, green beans, and 2 onions. Well, then my dad told us we could have our very own garden spot at their farm and I was SO happy! SO last night we went to work on what will soon be our bountiful garden! I cant wait for it to start coming up!

So that is pretty much that- you dont need land to make a garden! Lettace and spinach take SO little room you could do it in your kitchen! If you are wasting your soil by planting flowers then shame on you! (hehe) Vegtables are not only pretty, but taste better, and they last a LOT longer! What do you grow in your garden?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sewing for Dummies Part 1 (How to choose your fabric)

Ok- sorry I have been so out of here lately, life has been a little crazy, but I have vowed to take some time for myself today, and this is how I am doing it- by teaching you guys how to sew! Well not really in THIS post, but this is a pre rec of what you need to follow along with me in my sewing post tomorrow! So here goes- This post will be about choosing fabric and the types of fabric (Each day this week I will tell you what you will need for tomarrow so you can get your stuff ready in advance!)

**** Tomarrow I will be posting a tutorial on how to work a sewing machine and some tips and tricks. Wedensday I will be teaching you all how to make PJ pants- as I will be making about 30 in the next few days! and they are the easiest thing you can make! So this right here will be a guide on what kind of fabric you need to have to be able to sew said PJ's! *****

Ok here we go. I really like to shop at my local Walmart for 3 reasons, #1. because it is about a block away from my house, #2. The prices are better than most, #3 The ladies there make me laugh! You can find fabric at places like Joann's, The Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, Ben Franklin, Anything with fabric in the title, some Ace Hardware stores and online. There are many kinds of fabrics, but 4 of the ones we will be going over right now are cotton wovens, flannel, fleece and knits.

First off is Cotton wovens-
Cotton wovens are the kind fo fabrics that quilts are made out of. They come in MILLIONS of fun prints and are pretty soft! They are somewhat thin, and are cut easily. (When you were in middle school you probably learned the "find a string and pull it to have the entire thread come out and have a stright line to cut on" trick, or you may know that cotton cuts kind of like wrapping paper meaning you dont have to actuall make cutting motions, just pull the fabric along. Or you might also know that you can rip cotton wovens and get a straight cut- but lets just stick to scissors for now!) Cottons are a good choice for the summer because they are breathable, but not streachy.

Flannel is the kind of fabric that baby blankets are usually made out of. It is warm and fuzzy and frays A LOT, so all seams need to have a zig zag to finish them. Rag quilts are made out of flannels, and I will do a tutorial on those on Thursday! Flannels are a great choice for PJ pants and can be used in the summer or winter Flannel is a favorate of mine to make EVERYTHING out of- I have quite a stash! Flannel is not streachy.

Fleece I am sure you have heard of- it is used to make warm jackets and cuddly blankets. Some fleece is water proof or water resistant and things like Minky and oh so soft fabrics fall into this category. Fleece is streachy, but very warm and may be a better idea for winter.

Knits are my new favorate kind of fabric! It is the very streachy material that t-shirts are made out of. Knit doesnt fray, but it does shrink and can streach strangly. Knits come in lots of fun colors, but you cant find them at Walmart and have a much better selection online. (Email me if you want and I can send you my fav links!:) ) I love using knits because they are so forgiving- plus you can make matching shirts AND pants with them!

Now that you know a little bit about fabric it is time to look at your patern and see how much fabric you will need. (Comment and let me know if you want me to do a "how to read a pattern" post!) For the PJ pants there isnt a set amount of fabric because all sizes use up different amounts! For any size under about a 4-5 T you should only need 1 yard of any kind of fabric you choose! If you are doing a bigger size or want to be more specific, ask the ladies at the fabric cutting counter- they love to help!! For our rag quilt on Wedensday we will be needing 1 yard each of 3 cordinating flannel fabrics, and 1 1/2 yards of a solid color that matches. (We will use the 1 1/2 yard to sandwich inside the squares to make it all tie together!)

Now, once you get your fabric how you ALWAYS want to throw it into a HOT wash with a cold rinse and then throw it into the dryer. (You need NO soap) You do this so that the fabric will shrink! There is nothing worse that making something and having it shrink and not fit after the first wash! If you already know how to use your sewing machine and sew you will want to do a large zig zag or serge stitch around the edges to reduce the amount of fraying! If not, it is ok, you will jsut loose a couple inches of fabric due to fraying.

SO I hope that was a little bit of help! Get yourself some fabric, or dig something out that you think will work, throw it in the wash, and come back tomarro to learn how to make our PJ's!

Fun and easy to do kid entertainer

This weekend my MIL was up, and while we were out at the craft store she bought my baby some little chipboard shapes and we got some magnets. My baby is absolutely obsessed with magnets, so it became the perfect little treat for her! All you need to do this is-
Chipboard cut outs (the painted ones they have at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby for $0.59 are perfect!)
Magnets (The stronger the better for this project)
Hot Glue

(***** If you baby is really into putting things in their mouth, this project is not for you- Magnets and babies should be supervised at all times because a swallowed magnet can tear the inside of your child!! Seriously, be careful and be smart about it!********)
All you have to do is simply glue the magnet onto the back of the chipboard cutout! (A few tips- #1 take the sticker off the back so it is glued to the wood instead of the sticker. #2 Put the glue onto the actual magnet and then smash it onto the wood.) So cute and completely custom!!! If you try this please take pictures and email them to me so I can see your cute creations!!

(p.s. A sewing for dummies tutorial will be up later today!!)