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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hello again!

Wow!  Has it really been that long since I have blogged?!? Almost 6 years?!?  So much has changed, let me write a quick update-

My "baby" BOO is now an 8 year old second grader!  She loves to read LOVES it!  She is currently on book 5 of the Harry Potter series and can always be found with a book, even when I went to her school today she was coming in from recess with a book!  She's taking dance lessons, piano lessons, loves soccer and will start coach pitch and swim team this month.  She is a great little girl!

The baby I had just had when I quit blogging is turning 6 in 3 weeks!  She's a SASSY pants and keeps me in my place quit regularly.  She only wears dresses and high heals.  She is a sweetheart who is almost ready to graduate from kindergarten 😰.  She loves to dance, tumble, frozen, Star Wars,  swimming and can't wait to  start piano lessons!

And finally my LITTLE MAN just turned 3!  He is a rough and tumble, crazy guy who loves to wrestle, punch, light saber fight and is a total mamas boy sweet heart.  He has me wrapped right around his finger for sure!

When I finished up we were headed into applications for vet school, 6 years later my husband has competed veterinary school and is now living his dream in southern Idaho.

Things have change a lot!  I'm still knitting, I'm quilting, but mostly I'm running after my 3 little loves and working on ur home/yard.

I'm excited to be back and hope to get this blog back up and running soon! Blogging on an iPad is different and I can't figure out how to add pictures....

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