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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cant catch a break...

Ever had an idea in your mind and then somehow, some way it could become a reality, but then it really cant? Yes, this is how I have felt both times I have done nursery's for my little ones. The first time around I spotted "baby ballerina by Daisy Kingdom" and I HAD to have it... but nope- it had been discontinued for years and people wanted $20 for a 6x6 inch square! So that was thrown out and I settled on something I never really liked.

This time around I had the perfect idea in my mind. I saw the "wanna be a cowboy" line by Riley Blake designs and I HAD to have it! PERFECT, could not have hand designed something better! But, I didnt have the cash on hand, so I waited until I did. I went to the store on Thursday and low and behold- the main fabric is sold out. So I buy 18 yards of cordinating fabrics and figure I can buy the main ones online. And I did! I was very excited! Until I got it, and it was cotton while all the rest of the fabric is flannel.... :( And guess what, Cant find it online! One of the fabrics is even discontinued for good! AHHHHHH!!!!

So I emailed every etsy shop that has even fat quarters of the line and tell them what I need in flannel. One by one they each emailed me back and let me know all they had was cotton. So at this point I am FREAKING OUT. I get online this afternoon just to check and I have an email from Kortnie of Quilt a Treasure . This SWEET and amazing shop owner told me she ewas sorry that she only had cottons, but she had seen the flannel's in the local quilt shop and would go over herself, purchase it for me, and mail it to me! Can you beleive it?!?!?! I cant! She may never know how much her kindness means to me and how many tears she stopped! Please go check out Kortnie's etsy shop, she has some darling things, and someone this amazing deserves to make some extra sales!!

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