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Monday, April 5, 2010

The joys....

Remember how I was complining the other day about having a tummy bug? Well I was certain my little one passed it on to me, that is until she woke up crying at 1 this morning and ran into my room yelling "potty, potty!" She smelled terrible and was very upset that she had had an accident. I changed my first messy diaper in 4 months and put her back to bed. She threw up about 20 minutes later and had also messed again.... poor little thing! I feel so bad for her! She ended up sleeping the rest of the night and is still in bed, I really hope she feels better today!

And as for me, I get to go to the dentist and get my cavities filled today- oh happy day.... NOT!

I guess on the bright side it can only really go up from there! lol

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  1. yuck - sick kids are never fun... hey this is totally random but I thought that one time you had a tutorial on your blog about covering a note pad with scrapbook paper to make it all cute... I have shower favors to make and now I can't find it - if is was you let me know...


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