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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wed

Yep, she thinks shes the boss! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010


I have no idea why it has become so hard for me to blog lately- could be the mountain of orders I am peeking out under, the 2 year old who always wants to "dance" and play "pwincess", the husband who needs rides to and from school because the $120 parking pass we bought only gives you 2 hours of parking at a time, or the fact that I am now 33 weeks pregnant and starting to freak out a bit about not getting anything done....

So is anyone still out there? I hope so! Sorry if I lost your interest, I promise I will try harder! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not wordless Wed....

I love having a "pwincess!"

I am severely sorry for being so scarce. I have been SWAMPED! Every time I think I am almost caught up, I get another order! I LOVE it, but it makes things like blogging a little difficult. The main reason blogging is taking me more than a few seconds a day is because our internet is currently running at 2% capacity.... Yeah.... I finally got so fed up with the YEAR my computer will randomly go offline and need to be restarted and made DH call the provider. "Oh, looks like you are paying for the middle service and receiving 2% of your connection, you need a new modem box, but you have to pay for it." WHAT THE HECK?!?! You are telling me that being a customer for 3 years entitles us to a big. fat. nothing. Heck, dont you find it a bit ridiculous you are charging us full price for 2%? We should be paying for 2%... YUCK!

SO hopefully this will be fixed ASAP as apparently threatening to cancel may get you a new modem, but will NOT get you a discount because "you didnt call a year ago" Well, that is DH's fault, I asked him to! :) lol

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diapers, diapers, diapers....

This morning I sat down to work on an order for swim diapers, and I figured that since I would have my serger and machine out anyway I might as well get to work on making the new baby some more diapers (or have 15 when the baby comes... I dont think so!) So I already had diapers on my mind and was thinking about how happy I am that I hope to not buy a single disposable diaper for this new kid, and how much better cloth diapering is for the enviroment AND for the baby and the pocketbook!

SO when I sat down to check my facebook page I saw that someone had posted this article Pampers new dry max causes severe rashes I was a little bit intrigued because pampers were always the brand I bought when I would buy diapers, so I read it. WOW- I cannot even begin to tell you how sad I am for these babies and moms who are having to deal with incredible diaper rash problems just because the company changed the chemicals they use in creating the diapers. Yes, ChEmIcAlS... YUCK! Just another reason I am happy we use cloth and will be 100% exclusivley cloth with the new little one.

After I read this post I saw links for some more posts on Pampers on her site and this one caught my eye- Absurd Claims made by pampers another WOW....

So if you use disposables and ever want to take the plunge into cloth and see how amazing it can be for your baby, you, the enviroment and your pocket, please feel free to email me and I can help lead you in the right direction! I started using cloth because of monitary concerns, but I must say I will NEVER go back, no matter how much money we have! There are already enough chemicals out there getting on and into baby, there is no way I want to help that process along just so I dont have to change a diaper as often....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cant catch a break...

Ever had an idea in your mind and then somehow, some way it could become a reality, but then it really cant? Yes, this is how I have felt both times I have done nursery's for my little ones. The first time around I spotted "baby ballerina by Daisy Kingdom" and I HAD to have it... but nope- it had been discontinued for years and people wanted $20 for a 6x6 inch square! So that was thrown out and I settled on something I never really liked.

This time around I had the perfect idea in my mind. I saw the "wanna be a cowboy" line by Riley Blake designs and I HAD to have it! PERFECT, could not have hand designed something better! But, I didnt have the cash on hand, so I waited until I did. I went to the store on Thursday and low and behold- the main fabric is sold out. So I buy 18 yards of cordinating fabrics and figure I can buy the main ones online. And I did! I was very excited! Until I got it, and it was cotton while all the rest of the fabric is flannel.... :( And guess what, Cant find it online! One of the fabrics is even discontinued for good! AHHHHHH!!!!

So I emailed every etsy shop that has even fat quarters of the line and tell them what I need in flannel. One by one they each emailed me back and let me know all they had was cotton. So at this point I am FREAKING OUT. I get online this afternoon just to check and I have an email from Kortnie of Quilt a Treasure . This SWEET and amazing shop owner told me she ewas sorry that she only had cottons, but she had seen the flannel's in the local quilt shop and would go over herself, purchase it for me, and mail it to me! Can you beleive it?!?!?! I cant! She may never know how much her kindness means to me and how many tears she stopped! Please go check out Kortnie's etsy shop, she has some darling things, and someone this amazing deserves to make some extra sales!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

What did you want to be when you were growing up? How different is it from what you ARE doing?

I always wanted to be either a pediatrician or a veterinarian. The ped because I have ALWAYS loved little kids and babies. The vet, well im not really so sure! I have always liked animals, but I dont know why I wanted to be one!

Now I am just mommy and I love it! Obviously I have a few side businesses that I LOVE and as I got a bit older and more into the crafty part of life I knew I wanted to have my own store, either with fabrics and such or with baby items. Im well on my way! :)

Funny side note is that DH always wanted to be a pro football player or something- but dont all men! lol Now he is going to school to be a veterinarian! Funny how life turns out isnt it! Looks like I will end up having plenty of vet experience after all! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The joys....

Remember how I was complining the other day about having a tummy bug? Well I was certain my little one passed it on to me, that is until she woke up crying at 1 this morning and ran into my room yelling "potty, potty!" She smelled terrible and was very upset that she had had an accident. I changed my first messy diaper in 4 months and put her back to bed. She threw up about 20 minutes later and had also messed again.... poor little thing! I feel so bad for her! She ended up sleeping the rest of the night and is still in bed, I really hope she feels better today!

And as for me, I get to go to the dentist and get my cavities filled today- oh happy day.... NOT!

I guess on the bright side it can only really go up from there! lol

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Wishing you and your families all a very happy Easter! I hope the Easter bunny found you, but I also hope you take a few minutes to remember to true meaning of Easter and the sacrifices made for each of us!

I will be spending my day with family, hunting eggs, eating and watching our churches "general conference" on tv. I hope you all have a wonderful day and get to spend it with those you love!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ever had the tummy bug while pregnant? If not think of how much it hurts when someone is in bed rolling around and you are close to vomiting.... now put that person inside your stomach LOL So not fun! At least I got a day to lay around in bed....