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Friday, December 11, 2009

Going ons around here

Just in case anyone was wondering and wanted a follow up of my friend Callie who was in the running for a free lap band surgery- SHE WON! So thanks to all of you who took the time to vote!

It is SOOOOO cold! Like -12 last night and when he babe and I went out to get some milk this morning it was 11 degrees and it was 9:30 a.m! Thank you to my wonderful cousin I will be warm this winter- or at least warmer! When we were ordering Christmas clothing for my grandma to give to the great grandkids she suggested I get a wool pea coat. I have wanted one MY ENTIRE LIFE- ok since I was in high school! I have tried on probably hundreds! ANy color, any style I didn care, I just wanted one! Problem was they all had sleves that went to the top pf my wrist bone- or shorter! SO when she suggested I get one from Old Navy I hessitated. They had a "tall" size, bu really, most stores talls should really just be normal! She insisted though! I gave in and when she asked what size I said "large or xtra large." She looked at me like I was nuts and said "how about a small". I said "no, they are NEVER long enough! I need a XL to get the length! (This is how I think and it sucks! lol) SO we finally settled on a Medium- me fully intending to have to take it back for lack of fitting.

SO the coat came yesterday. The prettiest black wool thigh length coat! I was in love with it but scared to try it on! She said she wanted to see how it fit. SO I pulled it out of the package and slipped it on one arm at a time. IT FITS! I could yell it from the rooftops! It fits and it is beautiful and warm and I LOVE IT! So thank you to my special cousin who knew better than I did and TOTALLY made my Christmas! (dont tell DH....) Now I am going to go look for some perfect yarn to make myself a scarf and mittens to match! This coat is going to last me until they have to pry it off of me! I LOVE IT!!!!

So what is the best Christmas present you have ever gotten?!? I am usually kind of hard to please. I like everything, but rarely do I LOVE something or have a prefrence.... Im telling you- this is like the best thing ever though! lol (And I think it only cost $40 cause we got it on black Friday!!!)


  1. Congrats to Callie! I would just love a wool pea coat, but can never justify it because there are probably only 6 days out of the winter it would be cold enough to wear here.

  2. You looked awesome and it will last for years, I know I have one also. Love you guys lots.


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