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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TV Tuesday

Brandy over at THE BUZZ hosts a blog hop on Tuesdays called "TV Tuesday". She had a long week last week and hasnt had time to watch tv yet this week, so I figured I would give this my first try and share my TV Tuesday with you! Although it is MUCH different than hers and probably some of yours, I would love to hear what you think about some of the shows I watch!

All My Children
Oh MY GOSH! Amanda- what the crap were you thinking?!? So you have to live in Davids house another month- you do NOT sleep with him just to conceive his baby... yikes! And Jakes reaction when she told him utoh! (I havnt watched yet today, I have to wait until the baby goes to bed, but let me tell you- I am excited!) Do you think David will tell her he isnt Trevors dad? I really hope he does! I love Jake and Amanda's relationship!
I also totally think Brock and Natalia need to be together too!
As for Kendyl and Zach.... Utoh! I hope Zach gets over himself and decides to go after her! They are such a cute family! And I DO NOT like Adin!
I am not going to lie to you- I was kind of hoping Annie was going to die..... I am so over the Annie and Adam thing- and Scott makes me want to hurl!

Let me just tell you- I LOVE this show! I am SOOOO glad that Jacks and Carli are back together! That was kind of weird when they broke up.... I have decided I dont like their oldest son though- he is kind of a spaz!
I loved how the girls tried to set their mom up with Max! hehe
This whole Franko thing is freakin me out a little bit.... Tortured artist? Understatement of the year? And I cant beleive Maxi slept with him!
I love the whole Sam and Jason bit! But I cannot stand the Elisabeth and Lucky saga or the
I am on the edge of my seat wondering when Christina's boyfriend is going to find her wanting an older naughty boy.... He is a nut job!

Ugly Betty
This season has been a bit strange! Im not sure about the toned down Betty... I sure am gald that Daniel is over that whole "pheonix" thing- that was creapy! DH and I thought they were going to make them commit suicide with that tea! I am also glad that Neiko is gone- that whole bit was weird from the start! Like she hates her mom one year and is best friends with her the next- we smelt something fishy! And Justin isnt gay huh..... RiGhT.....

Im excited to watch the biggest looser tonight! I LOVED the "where are they now": special! I love to watch the finale just to see what people from old seasons look like! DH and I am rooting for Danny!

What shows are you watching? Go to the BUZZ and link up and see what others are watching!


  1. thanks for joining! Man I'm a slacker! I love that where are they now for BL also!

  2. I watch The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, and Fringe :)

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