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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gosh guys, im sorry!

Life around here has been NUTS! It seems like I barely sit down and get something finished and I check my site and have another order to get done! :) I am LOVING this and having the time of my life making money doing what I love! Doesnt leave me much time for being online, blogging, or much else- but it gives me plenty of time to rest and put my feet up and lets face it, that seems to be my favorite hobby right now as I feel the new little one is completely taking over! :)

I debuted the gummy monster and the sock monkey the first of this month, and it is safe to say they are A HIT! And luckily I get better each pair I make, so that makes it even better! I love when people have their own ideas of how they want things to look, and I have made quite a few different colors of monsters in the past couple of weeks! If you are ever interested in seeing what I have gotten done and in the mail for the week you can go to and I am trying my best to keep up posting what I have sent out on there!

Another exciting thing happened this month business wise- I was accepted to Team EtsyKids as well as the Etsy Cloth Diaper team and have been busy trying to get in with the crowd! I am hoping this will become a little bit easier as I have also been appointed the membership review leader for Etsy Kids and will be getting a sneak peak at stores before they become members! So that is fun!

Ray Ray is getting SO big! She has recently discovered a love for all things "Pwincess" and loves to read princess stories and do her "princess dance" she is such a joy and I love every second I have with her! It helps she hasnt worn a diaper for 3 months now and is rocking the potty training thing! (She hasnt had a single accident for over 10 days!)

So that is what is going on here- sorry I havnt been around much, I hope to change that soon!

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  1. Are you the one I was convoing on Etsy about these? If so, I still need to measure my boy and get those measurements to you. He'll be 2 next month. I was going to get one from another place but the wait list was so long because they were waiting to make them out of Peru. So glad you are doing this, thanks!


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