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Thursday, March 18, 2010

See... I told you! :)

I told you I was just partially back.... We have been on spring break all week and without computer access for most of it. We went on a mini vacation and had a blast! Now DH is working and so is my MIL so here I sit... lol. I have LOTS of work to do this week, so im not complaining! And the weather?!?! My car said 82 when I got in yesterday! Now I know it was more like 68, but STILL! I am loving it!

My little one is having a ball playing outside and at the park and recently discovered she is terrified of ants.... Yep, she and daddy were laying in the dirt watching an ant hill and she got scared, stomped in the hill, climbed onto his back and refused to get down! Silly little girl!

Hope you are all enjoying the first signs of spring! :) I will be back home on Saturday or Monday and back to boring business as usual! Can you believe there are only 7 weeks left of the semester?!?! Summer here we come! :)

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