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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tragic Tuesday

DH has a good friend who's wife found out they were pregnant with twins about 3-4 weeks ago. She was about 13 weeks along and also found out one of the twins had a bladder obstruction. They sceduled an apointment with a specialist, but it was about 2 weeks out. They finally went in for their appointment last week. When they did the ultrasound they found out both of the twins had no heartbeats- she was about 15-16 weeks. They did another ultrasound a few days later and decided both twins had passed away.

So if you have a spare prayer or good thought to send up today, I know this couple could really use it! These were their first babies and I cant even imagine how they must feel!

In other news....

I bet everyone knows a baby who needs a pair of these! :)


  1. I will say a prayer. I love the shorties and longies. What is the deal with them?

  2. very sad :( . My heart goes out to them.


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