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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Think about it Sunday- 2 year olds....

See that sweet face? Well I know it is hard to believe but there are *many* times each day when she is just a bit more than I can handle! Terrible two's have been with us since she turned 1 or before, but they seem to be getting much worse! She has a VERY short attention span. She loved to color and is into a real stacking kick right now. I need some ideas on good ways to distract her... I mean keep her entertained! Things she can do on the floor, quietly.... Since it is also Christmas time I figure now is the time to ask what your kids fav toys were when they were 2. Lets get some ideas!

Also, this is post 297! I have a really cool review post coming for 300 that includes and awesome discount code for a great product! So be on the lookout for that most likely Tuesday or Wed!


  1. Oh girl, if I knew I would tell you...I'm in the same place with Dakin right now. Good luck!!!

  2. Our girls really liked the Little People animal sets and legos around that age. If she's really into stacking, and you don't have any legos yet, then I would suggest them. Good luck.

  3. Addie love her mega blocks. she loves the pretend camera and still lvoes the doll stroller... :)


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