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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crunchy Tuesday

Man I have been slacking on these lately!
Today I am going to do a review of some products I got from eco store usa. Their moto of "no nasty chemicals- healthier products for you and the enviroment" really called out to me! I was sent the laundry powder as well as the citrus cleaner.

I must say I was very impressed! I was curious if the laundry powder was cloth diaper safe. I read all the ingredients and about it and it seemed like it should be safe to me. I tried it and was excited to smell my diapers and not get the amonia smell I have been having so many problems with! Not to mention even though the laundry detergent is non scented it smelled much better than some I have used! This seems to me like it would be a great alternative to Dreft or other baby soaps as it has no fragrence and works in hot or cold water!I must say I am in LOVE with the spray cleaner! It smells SO yummy and really works on the tuff grime my kitchen collects from a 2 year old learning how to use her utinsels! After spraying it on I waited less than a minute and it all wiped right up! I love the fact that it is plant based and not chemical based and it is said to be safe to use on crayon marks even on your walls! (Luckily we have not had to deal with that in quite some time!)

All in all I love this company! I will be coming back to them over and over again! They are priced right and even their packaging is recycled! This is a company worth looking at!

I give eco store USA a big thumbs up!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds really cool. I use a green cleaner..and it has no smell..i think a nice smelling bathroom is better.
    Eco store huh..something to check out.


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