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Monday, January 11, 2010

High 5 meme

I was tagged by destiny in the High meme

The question is what are your top 5's of 2009

1. Finding out we are going to have another little one! Ray Ray is SO excited! She loves baby's and im sure she will be super excited when the baby is here!

2. DH got 2 4.0's in his super hard college classes! (think organic chemistry, biochemistry and 18 credits a semester I cant think of!) He was awarded the colleges dean scholarship because of his grades and course load which in turn means extra money for us! (YES!) as well as awesome credentials to put on his vet school application!

3. I learned how to both knit and crochet this year which made for some awesome gifts, great additions to the kids wardrobes and a buisness that isnt doing half bad! ( if you were wondering...)

4. I took and completed an entire course in medical transcripting and now how my certificate. (Well actually I am still waiting for it to come, but technically it is mine!) Now once I get word I passed, take the big test to get the letters behind my name and make myself a new resume (my computer has crashed twice now....) I can start looking for a job!

5. Everyone in my family has been healthy all year long! No accidents, no medical problems, nothing big! My extended family was not so lucky this year so I count my blessings that I, my husband and daughter are well!

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  1. What great highs. Of course a new baby will be a high of 2010 for you, so you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with that peanut :) Thanks for the tag.

  2. Oh I missed the post on your new arrival. Sorry about that I am so happy. I will do this soon..


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