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Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping in my own little way....

A couple of weeks ago I decided we were DONE with diapers. My washing routine failed me about 6 months ago and I have had a problem with my diapers smelling like ammonia ever since. I wash and wash and wash, but still- they smell and it drives a pregnant nose crazy! DD has been toying around with the whole potty thing for months now, but we figured we were in trouble when she would sit on the toilet, pee and not know it until we told her! But, the past couple of weeks she has been doing AMAZING! No accidents for 4 days and she has woken up dry 3 days in a row! Pretty amazing for a 23 month old! Obviously I made my own trainers and LOVE them, and since I can make my own diapers for the next time around again (I have learned a LOT since I started making diapers 3 years ago!) I decided to start completely over. (Most of my smell issue comes from having over 60 diapers and only washing 1-2 times a week!)

So now came the task of figuring out what to do with the diapers I had. None had holes, none had stains, they all have snaps and great elastic and have had NO problems other than the smell, which I know someone with ambition can get out easily! SO I offered up a post on my cloth diapering community and hoped someone would take them! I was surprised at the offers I received.

We dont have money, we live very frugally and survive off of little, but honestly, it broke my heart to hear of people who have 3-5 kids and cannot afford to diaper their own children! I have enough diaper making supplies (minus enough snaps) to diaper probably 10 babies comfortably in all 4 diaper sizes! I have been gifted LOADS of fabrics as well as the boxes and boxes I have collected, and I have the time and energy. It made me so sad to think these people were using worn and ratty prefolds and pins and wondering how they would continue- because to a lot of people disposable is NOT an option.

So I sent off 2 HUGE flat rate boxes stuffed so full I could hardly close them up. One was the most gender nutral box I could make, and it went to a family with 2 little boys. The other, all the cute girly things that went to a well desirving family of 2 girls. Now I sit here and wonder how many diapers I can get done this weekend and send off to some of the other needy moms out there in my own little online community....

It is just amazing to think you have little and realise that you have SO much! The comic in the paper the other day summed it up pretty good. It was a man and a woman saying they had just been layed off, no savings, no job, no retirement, house needed fixing up, but when they saw the images of Hati on the tv they realize just how lucky they are!

So please take a little time this weekend to help someone else. It can be as small as taking cookies over to a sick or afflicted neighbor or as big as purchasing the items to make some humanitarian kits for the LDS church. Whatever it is please leave a comment and share what you have done- we all need a feel good story now and then!

I am off to make diapers- wish me luck and speedy turn around!! Have a great weekend!


  1. You have a such a kind heart, Josie! Good job on the PL'ing...Sam wants no part of it. You'll have to send your little one over here to teach Sam a thing or two, ok ;) ?

  2. How wonderful that you were able to give so much to others. Also, it is awesome that your little one is having potty learning success. I need to get busy with my little guy who is 25 months.

  3. Wow Josie - that is amazing! That is so nice of you to share all of your old diapers with families in need. Congrats on the potty training too!!! I am training my 27 mnth old and am so excited to be down to only 1 in diapers!

  4. Amen. What a blessing you are being to others right now. A good reminder that we all are able to help in our own ways.

  5. Josie depending on how ambitious you really are feeling, I would place an add on saying what you are doing. We did it for donations for old cars for the firefighters to cut apart for training purposes and it was amazing what kind of response we got. Just tell people what you are looking for and I bet you get a lot of people who have fabric sitting around just waiting for someone like you to come along.

  6. I hear you and I have to tell you- we live so insanely frugally it's like- wow! being resourceful, food storage, but, i do have a nice home, and so much, I can't complain. I assume you are LDS, and I was thinking that I think I was led to your little shop for a reason, I think maybe you needed it, or maybe you are like me and pray for someone to be lead to your shop that wants what you have to offer :) I haven't had money to spend for like, over a year on anything fun, and my shop has been the biggest blessing ever in making money- and I am so excited to have some knit woolies- what a luxury. I know I should spend the money on food, but hey, helping another mama out is so rewarding - does this make sense, I'm tired, wait, isn't everything I write to you funny sounding and I excuse it with saying I'm tired. Well, in my defense, I do work from home writing treatment plans, so I do know how to write, ha ha!


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