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Friday, January 15, 2010

The drab

School is back in session, I am back to watching the kid who comes to our house and screams the entire time, and we are back to the daily grind. Some days all I want is to leave the house- even to go the block to the post office! But if you were to look out my window right now, you would barely be able to see..... I dont know if any of you have heard of the word inversion? well that is my world right now- you cant see the sky, all you can see is thick, dirty fog. I live in a fairly decent sized town, but no city. The air is not neccesarily bad from smog, but because it gets so cold and traps it all in the valley. SO here we are stuck for most of the winter under this thick blanket of YUCK and red air days... Not really my idea of a winter wonderland!

How is your winter going for you?


  1. Oh dear..that sound rather depressing.
    Winter for us is going alright. I'm good so long as it doesn't snow bad enough for snow days. We've had some pretty close ones.
    Typical is lots of snow..then melts then more snow..on and on til March or April..

  2. oh how I hate that have to have sunlight....i would never survive.

  3. hi.. i'm back... i have followed you already

  4. Living in So Cal our winters are wonderful - 70s with sun :) We are supposed to get some rain in the next couple of days, but we do need it, so I can live with a couple days of gloom.


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