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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Easy tutorial you can do in 10 minutes!

As one of my new year resolutions I have vowed that I am going to try to have at least a tutorial for you every other week- so since I am late already, here goes #1 lol

This tutorial is for a quick and easy personalized note pad that would make a perfect thank you gift, newly pregnant friend gift, gift for a young kind who is getting baptized or something like that, for any teenage girl, or a great mothers day idea! All you need is this-A pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil, a 5X8 legal notepad (you could really do any size you want), a 5X12 piece of heavy cardboard scrapbook paper, embellishments and a hot glue gun.
*I bought my notepads for 3 for $1 at the local dollar tree- GREAT price for making 3 gifts for $1!

Measure your paper to be the width of the notebook. If you are doing the 5X8 notebooks it will obviously be 5 inches, but do not cut off the length, leave it 12 inches! This way you will get 2 piece out of 1 piece of paper.

Now take the piece of paper and lay it on top of the notebook so that the bottom edge is completely flush with the bottom end of the notebook. Now you will carefully but completely fold the excess over the binding of the notebook and to the back.
Make sure you crease the part that will be on the binding the best you can! Now apply liberally your hot glue right onto the binding of your notebook. Press with your fingers, the edge of the table, anything to get it to be tight on the binding.

Now you will put a little bit of hot glue down each side of the back cardboard part of the notebook as well as a couple of strips of hot glue in the middle and on the bottom so that your paper is held completely onto the back cardboard piece of the book!
Now turn it over and admire your work!
Now you get to embelish it! You can use paper, flowers, die cuts, stickers, ribbon, anything you want! (I am sure you are all better scrapbookers that I am!)
If you choose to do ribbon make it longer than the notebook so you can tuck the edges into the inside edge of the book and glue them down!
Wallah! Now go ahead and write or type up something for the front for example "gratitude journal" or "Pregnancy journal" or anything you want for the occasion! I am making these for a big swap I am doing and I dont know who will get them, so I am leaving that part out- but I hope they enjoy them!
Make sure to leave me a link or email me pictures of your finished product! Hope you enjoy making a whole bunch!!


  1. Wow I love it.. I also love handicrafts and I prefer to make my own present, it is more meaningful than the ready-made. Wish I could do the same.


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