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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome Swap package!

I got an awesome swap package on Thursday! I must say that Marion went way out and beyond what she needed to, but we very much appreciated it- it was awesome!!!
An awesome file folder full of fun ribbons and super cute animal fabrics I am going to go straight to work putting it into my "I spy quilt"
Baby's package (why does Blogger not do what I tell it to....) It has a darling bunny purse, 2 peter rabbit books, a easter cup and bowl, 2 eggs full of play dough (which Baby loved to put in and out of the cup and bowl and shake them!) and a Easter spinner that she loved!
Daddy gave her a succer, but she scooped this bunny right out of the package and has barely let go since! (which is why I dont have a better picture- she is sleeping with it right now!)This was seriously the cutest and cushiest bunny ever! We absolutely loved it!!
She learned how to make it light up and spin all by herself!

I sent her, a notions kit with pins, pin cushion, scissors, seam ripper, (I hope because one somehow got left behind :( ) and a hem ruler (ya know, stuff you always need but never think to buy until it is too late!) I also sent her a cushy mama pad. I sent her little boy Gavin this sailboat shirt that I hope fits, a patriotic apron and some little goodies like sunglasses and easter egg chalk. I hope they enjoy their package, we sure loved ours!!


  1. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  2. I'm having fun checking out your blog! It's fabulous! I was did you post a button of your blog with the scroll box on your page?


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