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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday

New feature alert!! I think everyone would like to be a little more crunchy, so I am going to devote Tuesdays to trying to help spread the word and teach a little bit about some of the things people might like to try, but don't know about! SO here goes!

Mama Pads-

Since I had so many questions when I posted about mama pads, I will take a little time to try to explain what I know. (If you are grossed out- dont be! It is SO not a gross out thing- just info!)

Cloth pads are just that- Cloth pads! I bet you had no idea there existed a thing did you? These pads are made to actually fit, made of cushy fabric, help make your flow lighter and can save you hundreds, probably thousands of dollars a year on feminine products.

This was my first experience with them, and I must say I was SO pleasantly impressed! They are completely waterproof, and minus a tiny bit of a wet feeling, they were WAY better than regular ones! ( No sticking, sweating, you know!)

Cloth pads can be worn by themselves or with something called a diva cup . I must admit, that when I first came across the whole idea, I was totally grossed out- but now just thinking of the hundreds of bucks that could be saved, I figured 'hey, lets give it a try'.

SO if you are pregnant and have a little trouble when you cough or sneeze.... (We have all been there!) Now would be a great time to try your hand at these little babies- trust me, they are GREAT!

SO anyway- if you want some more info on this subject here are some links
Wikipedia's definition
A store to buy them
Some good info

And finally, If I havnt lost you yet.... lol If you are interested and want to try one out to see what you think, then please shoot me an email (My addy is on the sidebar in a little box titled email me!) And I will send you one for free if you pay the shipping!


  1. I've been using these (and actually also making them and selling them on etsy) for about 4 years now. I was sorta slow to convert--admittedly my first thought was EWWWWWW! But then I realized that if I cut my finger and got blood on my shirt, or (geeze) had a little leak and got blood on my undies, I would just wash that out, and what's the big difference anyway? (I've blogged about the topic a few times, LOL!)

    I have to say, even for those who are not on board with using cloth pads for menstruation, they are SO NICE for postpartum when everything down there is sore anyway. Seriously, who wouldn't want some nice microfleece or velour there instead of that papery plasticky stuff?!

  2. I am completely embarrassed that I had no idea what these were in the pics below. LOL I am so glad I can laugh at myself. AND Are you implying all pregnant women have bladder problems??? HA HA HA maybe I wanted to try one of these weeks ago when I had bronchitis.. :( Very interesting... thanks for sharing and sharing, I knew they made these it just didn't come to mind.

  3. I first read about these on Mommy Bee's site and I thought, "What a great idea." I'm allergic to regular pads, so typically use tampons, but after a baby, pure genius.

  4. Well yay for Crunchy Tuesdays!!

  5. I will admit that I did find this all a little disturbing. It is a clever idea. I mostly use tampons because of the heavy flow issue (sorry TMI), but when I do use pads, I hate them. They are hot and uncomfortable. How would you get them to stay in the undies? I wouldn't want it falling out. Embarrassing!

  6. Snaps! They have wings that snap around!

  7. Interesting conversation. Unfortunately I have had a hysterectomy (at 30) so I get to miss out on trying these new items, BUT if I still needed them I would deffinately use them. Thanks for talking about the yucky stuff Josie.

  8. I've been wanting to get something similar to a "diva cup" (forget the other name for them) for years...I have friends who use them & swear by them. Also, have been meaning to sew my own cloth pads forever...maybe by the time I hit menopause I'll have them done. ;)

    PS: Love your slings & such on Etsy. I'm a bit of a baby-wearing crazy mama myself.


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