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Friday, April 17, 2009

Things im working on Thursday

Yes I know- I am late. My computer crashed, adding the cherry on top of the absolute WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE! I am not kidding. But dont worry, it isnt anything $200 and loosing every single picture I have of my wedding and baby..... not to mention homework, embroidery designs, patterns, all of our music.... yep everything! ALL GONE FOREVER! What a great week! :)
So here is my progress I had made as of yesterday. I have much more now, but that wouldnt be fair!
On my needles-Finished newborn diapers (I have about 40 more cut out but our Walmart will not have white diaper flannel until the middle of next month so I cant do anything!)Large diapers
Cloth pads


  1. so i'm clueless what are the cloth pads for? are they inserts into the diapers????

    don't laugh i'm serious!
    Sorry about the computer!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, I bet we can track down wedding photos from Sherie she has all photos on flash drives, I have a few, and *shrug* unfortunatly i might be too helpful, but think about it, we can get creative!

  2. Josie, you should see if Nate or Ben can recover some of your stuff. Sometimes if your computer crashes you can still get your data recovered. IT happened to me once, my computer was toast, BUT i got my information saved.

  3. Our computer crashed about a year ago and I lost all my pictures (and everything else) too. I was devasted, so I feel your pain. So sorry!! I'm so impressed by all of your are so talented!

  4. Yeah, what are the pads for?

  5. Wow! You're a talented lady! I love the colors - I love everything baby. :)


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