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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Think about it Sunday

SO with DH getting a note sent home on Friday about his class being infected with the chicken pox, and the whole swine flu scare here is the question of the week. Do you let the news totally affect the way you live? DO these sort of things freak you out? And what do you plan to do about it?

SO here is my deal. I wish I had known about the chicken pox before it was all over, cause I would have taken Ray Ray up there and let her get them! That chicken pox vaccine is dumb- I dont think it actually does anything. Either that or our family is immune to the shot- cause most of my cousins kids have gotten then despite being immunized! As for the swine flu- yeah it scares me! I try not to look into it too much, because I am a total and complete worry wart. I freaked about Sars, the bird flu, and now this is just 1 more thing, but Im not worried enough to let it run my life- UNTIL it hits Utah lol, then we will see! If it comes to Utah, I am pretty sure I will be mighty glas it is summer, and keep my fam indoors! But we will see!!

Now what do you think?


  1. No, I try to not let things like that scare me. Mostly because I know the media news is very good at scaring people and reporting things incorrectly all the time. They always make things sound worse than it really is.

    Too bad Bailey missed out on the chicken pox. Along with that vaccine being stupid, I think the Hep B and Hep A should be on the list, but that's a matter of personal opinion :)

  2. I don't watch the news for this very reason. Also, vaccines aren't 100% effective, mostly it just means if you do get it, it's not as bad. As for exposing Bailey to the chicken pox (if you're forgoing the shot), you might want to wait until she's older. In young children it can be very serious, in older children and adults it's mainly just uncomfortable.

  3. We are worried...but we have a different situation with Dakin being the way he is. We are going back on lockdown (sigh............................we've been on germ lockdown all winter.............) and getting pandemic supplies. But like I said, we have to be more careful than most.

    Hi Josie. how are you?

  4. :) *cheesy grin* OH MY! This is the topic of the day. I have already been on the phone with SIL'S about swine flu. I don't watch the news it's depressing... Anyway I had the chicken pox 2 times despite the shot, you bring a good question when is the right age for our little ones to get pox, I am not sure It would be safe for me to be around it if i'm prego... but I really don't know, and I have had it twice... hmmmmmm anyway something to think about, but yes I will want Addie to get those pox while she is young and they don't scar... I have plenty of scars from mine for the whole world!! :( Anyway I have been given a mission to find N95 masks for this swine flu.... let me know if your interested hee hee since i'm already looking them up for someone else. :)
    Have a good day!

  5. I try not to let it effect our daily living. I am with you on the chicken pox vaccine. I would much rather my son actually get it and have naturally immunity than have to get a shot every ten years. With other epidemics I just try to trust the Lord and know that even if we get it (which is highly unlikely) the Lord is with us.

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, seriously, why do people get offended so easily. I'm fat!

    I love your etsy. I'm gonna have to set back some money and have a looksee.

    For our family, we dont let that type of stuff get us down. We were JUST talking about this. We think a christians response to emergencies is to help die is gain.

    That being said, I wouldnt want my children exposed...I dont know. Hard to know what we would do there.

    We DONT immunize for chicken pox though.


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