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Friday, April 3, 2009

Factual Friday

Fact: When your DH decides he is a cowboy, be prepared to become a laundry service.....

Haha! We have recently been stalking out local DI for cowboy shirts and have found quite a few for $4! It has been awesome! Only thing is that now DH expects me to wash and iron not only his shirts but also his Wranglers...... I guess I best invest in an ironing board! :) At least he looks good- I am NOT complaining!!


  1. Don't forget to iron the crease in his pants just right with just the right amount of starch. I used to be that way, have fun with it and if you need ironing pointers just let me know, lol

  2. LOL, why did he all of a sudden decide to be a cowboy>

  3. Because THAT is what cowboys do- whatever they want! jk. He always had been one at heart- just wasn't ready to let it shine through until he got some cowboy friends! (And a horse!)

  4. That above coment was from me.... I was still signed in on my friends blog! lol


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