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Friday, April 24, 2009

Things im working on Thursday

Well Thursday this week was spent working on a 8 page paper about sheep.... So I kind of cheated and worked a little on Friday and I am just going to show you what I took pics of this morning! lol

For the boutique-
Mei Tai's
Sold this one in 2 hours!

Wore this one last night and really may not be able to give it up! LOVE it!!

Diaper cuts-I ran out of white flannel and they wont have any more in our store until the middle of the month! (Or these would all be diapers!)

For swaps and gifts-

Custom training pants! I LOVE this pattern and will be making a whole load of them!!
The inside view (waterproof outside, 3 layers of absorbant inside, and 2 body layers of knit!)

I hand dyed all the FOE to go around the pants- well the blueish green and the pink ones! lol It was super fun and if I had a bunch more, and some different colored dye I would do a whole ton! The pink was made with pink sparkly frosting and the greenish blue with food coloring!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Josie!

    I just found your blog. Those TP look wonderful, I can't wait to see them on your shop. If you do x-small sizes (like for babes under 12 or 18 months), can you let me know? I'd love to list your shop on my EC directory. (For free)
    That pattern - is it the Little Comet Tails one?

    P.S Here's the link:


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