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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I HATE hot dogs. Like havnt touched one since I was maybe..8? yeah they are disgusting! So why was it the only thing I could think about eating over Christmas break.... and tonight? Gross! I guess pregnancy will do that to you!

I think I have eaten about 4 chocolate bars this week too.... I have never had a weird craving for things together like pickles and ice cream, but hot dogs are one thing I never thought I would 'want' to eat!

SO tell me- what did you crave when you were pregnant? What did you eat a lot of?


  1. Oh honey, I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!!!! That's wonderful!!

    Hmm...I really craved meat. One night I was dying for ribs, and I've never eaten ribs in my life!!

  2. last time - oranges, strawberry milkshakes, and Hot Cheetos with Lime
    This time - mexican food!

  3. Wow! Congrats. I got surprised by your post. I think most of your readers too. It's weird how pregnant women do crave for something and hate something too. I'll be praying for your healthy pregnancy and for your safe delivery soon.

  4. I craved different things will all of mine. With this one it's been chili dogs and I'm not a big hot dog fan either, but I think I've had at least one for lunch every day.

    Have you found out gender yet, or are you keeping it a surprise?

  5. I remember loving pickles with my first. Not mixed with anything though. I also remember a need for beef somewhere in there too.

  6. With Kylie it was deep-fried mushrooms.
    With Jacob it was golden delicious apples.
    With Sam it was watermelon.

    I never did crave anything odd...

  7. With my first it was hot fudge brownie sunday's, Scott used to bring them to work for my lunch. The BEST hotdog can be found in Brigham City at Peach City. I am not even joking. I discovered that with my 3rd child. Artic Circle also has a good foot long that they grill.


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