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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tv Tuesday- my confession...

My sister in law over at The Buzz WAS doing a thing called Tv Tuesday. Im not sure if she is anymore, but I have a confession to make regardless.....

Here is the back story.
When DH and I first got married we stumbled upon a show called grays anatomy. We watched every episode together and even got the season we had missed on DVD for Christmas and watched the entire thing in about 3 days! Then came the episode where Burk leaves Christina at the alter... not cool. You see, Burk was my husbands favorite character. Once he realized he wasnt coming back he refused to watch it anymore. Im still not sure if he liked him because of all the controversy or what it was!

So there it was- I watched the whole next season by myself! he REFUSED to watch with me. Then after a full season it was time for the next season to come and he said maybe he would watch, but didnt want to.

So I came up with the brilliant idea of telling him Burk was coming back sometime this season. And I know he is watching just for that! I mean he likes the show too, but I know that is what he is really waiting for each episode! And then last week, when they showed flashbacks of Burk (maybe it was 2 weeks ago) he got SO excited and said- "oh, thats it, he is finally coming back!"

Hunny- he isnt coming back.....


  1. haha! that's really funny. My hubby can't stand that show (he used to like it) - he'll still watch it w/ me but usually complains about it during every commercial break - lol!

  2. Hahaha - that is too funny. Let us know when he does figure it out.


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