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Thursday, February 11, 2010

How is it Thursday night already?!?

I honestly keep thinking it is Monday! Weird I know, especially because with a birthday on Monday we had a long weekend! So I missed Wordless Wed....

Yes I permed her hair- can you blame me? It was SUCH a mess before, and it is super easy now- and I think she looks darling!

Also, this is how the birthday cake went down this year- much different than last year... lol

I didnt know some of you didnt know I was expecting... must not have visited for a while huh? lol I will be 23 weeks along on Saturday! I feel great, minus a sinus infection right now... Im measuring 23 weeks, so that is good! We decided not to tell the gender this time around- so you will all have to wait patiently until the middle of June to find out!
Anything I am forgetting? Any questions? hm.... Im not sure! But if you have one you just let me know- if not, I will be back in the morning! Have a great night!


  1. Her hair is adorable, well she always looks adorable anyways. My oldest is a June baby too!

  2. she is so cute!!! and I love the 3d pic of the baby...our OB wouldn't let us do one!!! lol


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