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Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy little thing....

Yesterday we tried something new- im not quite sure how you pronounce it, but I think it is spelled e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e......

DH has been complaining that his wedding ring doesnt fit, and his shirts and pants are getting tight. (for some reason he wouldnt wear his ring because it HURT, but never asked for a new pair of slacks or a new suit.... HAHAHAHA thats got to hurt...)

So I asked around and I got some advice about trying Jillian Micheal's the 30 day shred. (I bought it at Walmart for $9!)

We all got dressed in our work out clothes and went to work (Notice you will not be seeing ME in my work out clothes....)

The baby wanted in on the action too!
She helped dad do jumping jacks
This picture makes me CRACK UP- she is SUCH a good stretcher HAHAHA I love her face!
And stretching....

We only had one problem... Our living room is VERY small, and even after moving the couch out we only had a 7 by 7 foot space, so we did what we could! We used cans for weights (hey, it is how my mom ALWAYS taught aeorobics!) And DH was using jars of spagetti sauce....
You can only imagine what happened. This is the stain- I scooped up the whole jar and it actually came out of the carpet pretty well! I guess DH got tired and sweaty hands and the jar slipped out, hit the fish tank and... well you get the idea!

So if you want to try this video out I highly recomend it- but I also recomend making sure all your weights are in can and not glass jars!

All in all we thought it was great, it was fun, and it was challenging! Now ask me again how we like it in 29 more days! :P


  1. Great pics! I have done the Shred 4 times in the last two weeks (I am doing it twice a week, which is all I can manage to fit in at the moment). I really am enjoying it and it is a real workout for sure.

  2. That is soo funny! I highly recommend not exercise while holding glass jars. =)

  3. Oh my gosh, I just read another blog where someone had just started this DVD. I've been meaning to pick it up, but I keep forgetting. Or maybe my subconscious is blocking it lol.

    Awesome pics :) .


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