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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday

This one is a serious no brainer, but with the 4th coming we all need the reminder!

As the days go on we become more dependent on paper plates, cups, bowls, all disposable eatery.

Did you know that in an average year most office workers will throw out 500 paper cups a piece? Styrofoam and paper plates take years to break down in the land fills, and Styrofoam is even worse if you burn it, because it lets of toxic fumes!

Obviosly, I am urging you to go to Walmart or the dollar store and buy some festive plastic reusable plates for $1 and use those instead of trowing away your money! Obviosly actual blates would be much better, but plastic is one step closer! Then take a step more and use some cloth napkins and cloth table cloth!

Give it a try, it is well worth it!

1 comment:

  1. Amen! We finally stopped using throw-away plastic stuff and even went to cloth napkins, cloth diapers, etc. With us both being college students and living on one modest income with three young children, it actually ends up saving us a bit to do the cloth diaper thing and just hang 'em on the clothes line.

    Great blog!



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