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Friday, June 19, 2009

I am SO mad right now....

It has been a pretty interesting couple of months, but I think this week takes the cake- at least the last couple of days.

I sold a ton of trainers to a lady who I thought I could trust to be honest and whatnot even though she was new and obviously doesnt know anything about what is going on. Anyway- she gets the stuff I send and immediately started complaining. They dont work, they are sewn terribly, she has shown them all around town and everyone she shows them too cant beleive what a terrible job I did- "I want my money back". Now wait a second there........ Its complete BS. Anyway that is beyond the point, if someone were to EVER have a problem with anything I do I expect them to come to me corgilly and tell me what is going on and we can figure out what is going on together and make it right. Well not this lady! SHe has been freaking out, saying terrible things about me and the things I make, totally demanding, and just not being very nice at all. This alone makes me want to just say SHOVE OFF and leave it at that. But anyone who knows me in real life or has even met me knows that I cant do that. It isnt me AT ALL. So now I am going to make her all new stuff even though I dont have the materials, or the entire week it will take me. I know she still wont be happy. I know there is absolutly nothing I can do to save myself, because some people just wont be happy no matter what you do! sigh..... The thing that gets me is the complaining of how "You are not professional, there are defects, it doesnt look right, I am experienced and I KNOW." Well first off, it isnt something I am certified and licenced to make- I was just doing it as a favor to help her out, because that is what I DO! I made about $0.50 per thing I made and it all went towards our relay for life team. She started freaking out about how I have an Etsy shop and I sell diapers, so how can I make something so terrible blah blah- first off, Diapers are a TON different than this pattern...... AH! I am just so done! I am taking a vacation for the week..... hehe advice or any comments are appreciated.

SO.... then..... DH wants me to get my homework done. I am ok with that, the deadline is coming up soon anyway. So he said we would go on vacation as soon as I get it done, but then makes plans for next week. That is fine, but I have 3 hours total of dictation left and each minute takes at least 5-10..... so I am in for it! THEN the teacher apparently got fired and we have a new one who decided to spring a final medical terminology test on us, and not only that, but we have to take it AT the school and it is CLOSED BOOK! I am so screwede! There is NO way on this earth I can pass this test open book, let alone closed! NEXT- the teacher emails me that I dont have a bunch of scores- well my computer crashed and I dont have any way to resend them!

Anyone want to trade problems for a few days? hehe


  1. ARGH! I would have done the same thing, but only because I'm a push over, but you are too nice. What a nasty lady.

    Shame on her!

  2. Don't let her get to you Josie.....Some peoplea re just like that in life. She should understand that Etsy shops are for "homemade" items, not professional, and if she wanted professional she should have bought them somewhere make adorable things that take a lot of hard work don't let her get you down.

  3. Wow...when it rains it pours, huh? I'm so sorry you're having a tough time.

    I would give the 'lady' her money back and forget her. Don't bother sewing her a pile more stuff, unfortunately it sounds like nothing you could do for her would make her happy. Some people are just like that, sad to say.


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