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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meal plan madness

Yesterday I made a 2 week meal plan that I promise to stick to. DH is super mad because we have gotten like $250 worth of insufficient funds fees this month (woops- why cant they just like to our savings account that clearly has enough money to cover!) So I decided to try my grocery shopping until next pay check and see where it takes us! (I forgot to get mascara, which I left at my SIL's house... so 2 more weeks without mascara- yipee for me!) I am doing a no spend starting today with the exception of the post office and picking up the t-shirts for our relay for life team.

Anyway- I got off subject- here is my 2 week meal plan!

June 10- Ham, Funeral potatos.
June 11- Breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon)
June 12- Filly cheesesteaks, onion rings
June 13- Chicken and broccoli Alfredo
June 14- Home made mac and cheese
June15- leftovers
June 16- Pigs in a blanket, baked beans and green beans
June 17- Roast (which I forgot to buy... so maybe not! :) ), Carrots and potatos- may substitute twice baked potatoes
June 18- Chicken enchiladas and nachos
June 19- Chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries (DH HATES them, so I will make regular ones too!)
June 20- Out of town (DH has a 5K!)
June 21- Mini Pizza's, garlic toast
June 22- Sloppy Joes, chips
June 23- Tacos
June 24- Crock pot chicken Parmesan
June 25- Leftovers

Share with me what you will be making!


  1. I need to make my menu and go grocery shopping tomorow. Will you share with me your crockpot chicken parmesan recipe? I love new recipes, but especially I'm looking for crockpot recipes. :) Thanks!

  2. I should make a menu and go shopping next week since i'm not spending this week... I like your ideas, I think you should post links to your fav. receipes for these ideas.
    DH doesn't like sweet potatoe fries? What is wrong with him! they are the best, eat lots since I can't have any until baby#2 arrives :(

    Also, you should be able to get a OVERDRAFT account which means if you go over they take it upon credit (like .01% which doesn't ad up at all) then when you get paid you pay if off... you can usually do this online once you get paid, or straight from savings... anyway it's free and you usually only get like less than 10cents in a % fee... COMPLETELY WORTH IT FOR COVERING YOUR BUTT AND NOT GETTING THE BOUNCED CHECK FEES... (mine at $18.00 each time)
    Depending on where you bank... but I would ask.

  3. We make a menu every two weeks and it has probably saved us a bunch of money. We don't grocery shop as much and I go knowing what I need and can plan with coupons and price matching ads too - it takes awhile to plan for but if I'm only doing twice a month it's worth it. We are in the middle of our two weeks. For the rest of the time we have pork chops, hawaiian haystacks, leftovers, lasagna, stir fry, split pea soup, and spinach crepes on the menu.

  4. Great list. I base my meals on what's on sale each week @ the grocery store. This week it's sweet white corn, ground turkey, and a smattering of other stuff (don't have my list in front of me to remember it all). Yummm, food!


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