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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Think about it Sunday

This week is a very special week in our house. This is the week we look forward to all year! July 1st is our 3 year anniversary! July 2nd is DH's birthday, and July 4th well... a big party day for independence day!

SO my question for the week is, what is the best gift you have ever received for your anniversary (or anything from you significant other) and what is the best gift you gave them?

I need some serious ideas! I always do chocolate strawberries and sparkling cider for our anniversary, even on our wedding day I had some made and in the fridge! So that is a no brainer. Last year we just did a picnic and I made a big candy bar poster and stuck it to the door. This year DH has taken the entire week off of work and hence will be around so I cant be sneaky this year! hehe.

(AHHHH I hate when my computer hilights things without me knowing and then I keep typing and it deleates!)

This year for his birthday i am kind of stuck again- I have 3 things planned- one I just ordered today and hope it gets here soon, and the other 2 I just need to find time to sneak away and get them done! I am really excited though because his mom and stepdad will be coming up to go to the 3 dog night concert and the hot rod run, so that will be super fun! I always make him a homemade cake too! The first year was a football shape- the second year... prego brain, cant remember, and then last year it was an awesome flag cake!

for The 4th we will be down in DH's home town! (In fact we will be there for the rest of the summer it turns out!) And the best and coolest things happen in that town on the 4th! It all starts off with a fly over by the airforce planes! (Last year they went down main street and then back again! SOOOO cool!) And then a parade. next is stuff at the park including ribbon frys, funnel cakes and navajo tacos! Next, after a nap, will be the free swimming in the community pool, and then after another nap is the standing room only at the demo derby! (Gotta LOVE small town life!) To top it all off is the fireworks! I am so excited I can hardly wait!!

So I hope you have as good of a week as I will be having! I will keep you updated and try to stay closer to my blog! (I was gone all last week and doing homework and I kind of slacked! :) )


  1. Sounds like fun. We will be doing the cruise In all week also, along with fireworks and more old cars. I am gld you guys are going to be in Delta this summer, will SARC hold his job up here? Don't forget teh relay for life. We can bring our grill if you need, I have a very large one. Let me known.

  2. Nope- we will be up here every weekend! We arnt moving, just visiting!

  3. It's kind of fun to do the traditional gifts for anniversaries - for example the 1st anniversary is paper so we both gave each other books (I got new scriptures!) and the second anniversary is cotton - I gave him a tshirt and he gave me a beanie (we got married in december). We've only been that far so I'm not sure what is next but it's kind of fun to have some guidance.

  4. Josie - One year, I hid all of my hubby's presents at friends' houses. Then I sent him on a scavenger hunt. Many of the "presents" were things he'd need for later in the evening when he met up with me - a suit & tie (to go to the temple), etc - but it was so much fun to just send him all around getting little munchies and different surprises. It was also fun for our friends to wish him happy birthday. Oh! And at each location, he had something funny he had to do, like hop on one foot, with one hand on his head and the other on his nose, while hopping in circles . . . and our friends took pictures for the scrapbook! :) I hope this helps with some ideas!

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