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Friday, June 5, 2009

Help us out!

Sorry I have been MIA lately- things have been nuts! I have had a bunch of orders to fill, lots of random stuff going on, and a house guest, not to mention a trip 6 hours down South.... So with that said, I wanted to tell you about a neat little thing going on right now. The forem I belong to is holding an auction for a mom of 2 little guys who's DH came home and said he didnt want to be married to her anymore and offered she go live in a campground.... Long story short- go here and read what is going on, and then make sure you shop, shop, shop! This is a great cause for a great lady! And all the stuff is hand made by wonderful mama's! I have a tutu and bows, as well as swim diaper and shopping cart cover, so at least go bid on them!

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