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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red, White, and Blue swap!

I had SOOOO much fun with this swap! I hope my partner likes what I got for her.....

Here is what I received in the mail yesterday!

Baby was excited and wanted to open some!

Then daddy covered her in fluff!

The loot!
She LOVED the cookies!
A pair of red flip flops, a $5 Target gift card, a box of amazing cookies (They didnt make the trip too well, but they still taste AWESOME!), a cute note pad, a awesome bag and a red water bottle, and a little sand whale for Ray Ray!

Thanks soooo much Becky! To see what I sent to her check out her blog at-
Becky's blog (She hasnt posted yet, but I am sure she will soon! :) )


  1. I should have wrapped mine! Fun! I think that bag is way cute!

    Can't wait to see more swap packages!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed everything! I'm hoping mine is at home when I get home from class today! Sorry the cookies didn't make it too well. I froze them in hopes that they would make it there better!

  3. It's hard to ruin cookies, eh? ;o) Great swap swag!

  4. Awesome stuff! :) Swapping is so fun!

  5. Awesome stuff and cute blog! I love swaps!

  6. 1...really cute stuff
    2...really cute baby

    Looks like FUN!

  7. that bag is SUPER cute...I kind-a have a bag obsession...


  8. fun stuff...cute cute cute pics!! glad you played and had fun making a new bloggy friend!

  9. Awesome stuff! Love the bag. LOL I got the same one.

  10. I had such a blast with this swap!


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