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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's blog hop is all about family fun, and since this fits into the theme of my blog I have decided to give you a few ideas I have on how to have family fun for cheap or free!

**The first thing is an idea I talked about HERE and I am VERY sad to say that in my neighborhood I must have picked 2 dud families because it just completely stopped- yes, I was hoping for every door in the complex to be complete with a darling little ghost and have the pride to think I started the whole thing- but no, the people I took them to didnt even put the ghosts in their windows, let alone pass it along- SAD!

**This costs a little bit of money but is SOOO fun! When my DH was growing up his mom owned a day care. Every Halloween they would go trick or treating on a big trailer and then they would come back to the house and have crumb donuts and "Witches Brew". He was kind enough to share the recipe with us! 1 bottle of apple cider, 1 pound of dry ice. Make sure your container is big enough and put the dry ice in the bottom of it and pour the cider on top. It will bubble and smoke and make the cider carbonated and SO yummy! Kids think this is GREAT! Try it, I promise your kids will love it!

** Carving pumpklins is a no brainer- but everything is more fun with a contest involved! (This works with costumes too!) Go to the dollar store and buy each of your kids a small treat or toy then tell them you are going to have a contest for best family pumpkin or best costume and let them go to town with their creativity. Once they are ready to be judged hand them all out a special prize! It is also a blast to have your kids come up with their own costumes that just come from random pieces around the house!

**Going apple or pumpkin picking is always a favorate activity! Get your kids involved in the process from harvesting to preserving (or whatever you happen to do with your harvests!) Most towns have orchards and patches that will let you pick your own stuff and pay buy the pound, check around because it is MUCH more fun that getting things at the store!

Those are just a few of my ideas! Cant wait to hear what you have to say! Make sure you sign up and leave me a link to where I can find your ideas! And if you are new- dont forget to become a follower and say hello!

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  1. What a fun way to spend time with the family.

  2. Those are wonderful ideas!! I'm definitely into the autumn activities like apple orchards(family tradition)and carving pumpkins.
    There's something about fall that's just so special for family outings :D

    Happy Hopping!


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