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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Think about it Sunday

Todays topic- How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband when I was in Southern Utah going to college. We were in the same institute (religious study) class, but we never talked. He sat in front of my friend and I, and we just figured they were stuck up guys who were always talking about Vollyball! hehe. So the summer came and went and we found ourselves back at school but in a different apartment complex.

My BFF Brandi were sitting on the porch in my porch swing ( yes, we were THAT cool that we had a porch swing on our balcony! lol) And we were being silly and eating Rhodes dinner rolls. (She is extremely picky and only eats about 10 foods...) It was the week before school started I think, maybe the weekend before- anyway, we were hollaring and being idiots at the people walking by. SO we are yelling and being dumb and these boys walk up the stairs and come and sit in front of us and start talking to us. The one is saying things like- "I know you guys" and we were all creaped out and wondering how in the world.... But if you know my husband (which 99.9% of you DONT) You would know that he looks 100% different when his hair is long and when his hair is short! (His hair had been neck long in class and was now VERY short) So anyway, we decided that maybe he was the same guy (after he had told us over 10 times!) My friend decided that she would just start hanging out with him because he asked her for her # so they could study for their sign languadge class.... Turns out she was NOT happy when she thought she had a date with him and it turned out he set her up with a friend and wanted to hang out with me!

She is over it now though- I hope... hey- some things are just ment to be!

I cant wait to read all the stories about how you met YOUR husbands!

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  1. What a nice and sweet story. It is so nice to meet that person in your life. Most of all the best Daddy for your children.

  2. Aw, what a nice story :) . You and your husband always look so happy together in have a beautiful family!

    My husband got set up on a blind date with my then best friend. They went out twice...two years later, he asked me out. We've been together for 17 years...and no, I'm not friends with that girl anymore lol. Oh well.

  3. LOL, that's a fun story. We met in the church parking lot of a church neither of us attended. A local church within our faith was hosting a college/young adult volleyball night. A friend and I went and so did my future hubby. It wasn't love at first sight, but eventually we did date and obviously marry. So, you never know where you will first encounter your spouse. Btw, we both go to that particular church now.

  4. I met Scott at the Cache Valley Cruise Inn (local car show) I was 18 and being all wild and crazy with my friends on Main Street after teh big parade. We were truck hopping, which is jumping from truck to truck while they are still moving (slowly because traffic is at a stand still during this time) and I jumped into teh bed of his brother's truck and there he was. He was sooooo shy and scared of girls, I sat next to him and talked (yes I like to talk) to him all night long and I don't think he said 2 words to me. I eventually tracked him down again and we started to talk and he actually took me to a movie, it was Independence Day and I waited for him to hold my hand through the entire movie and he finally did, the final 5 minutes. I still love that about him, he was soooo scared of girls, I was his first kiss and I tell my kids now you don't have to kiss all your boy or girl friends, just kiss the one you want to marry, that is what your dad and I did.

  5. what a cute story!!! You have a sweet blog and such a beautiful family :)
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