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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things im working on Thursday

As the weather has been turning colder my crafts have switched to cold weather musts! I have made a lot of warm hats including a special one for DH- he was pretty excited!

Also lots of pairs of warm longies! I am working on 4 pairs right now... I know, if I worked on 1 at a time I could finish them, but having 2 crocheted and 2 knit projects means when I loose my crochet hook (like when DH finds it in his backpack LOL) or when I run out of yarn, then I can go onto another project! hehe. Pix of those when they are finished!

I have also been making lots of sets of warm jammies! I have a few more to make and a bunch for CHristmas, but I am waiting until the big $2 flannel sale on black Friday- which I am going to have to brave myself this year because DH has to work! :(

ALso how could I forget Minnie's costume! I just think she looks SOOO cute in it! Her most favorate things to do right now is the "hot dog dance" (if you have seen Micky Mouse CLub house you know what I mean! ) It is SOOOO funny!

SO what have you been working on this week?

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