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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mom contests- to peel an apple

I really want to start a new feature- one that is all about us! Where we can show off our talents and even win some prizes! So today marks the day of the first contest- here are the rules.....
#1 Read over what is going on
#2 Go do it for yourself
#3 Go make a blog post about it
#4 Come link up with McKlinky so we can all come and ooh and awe over what you did!

Since today is the first installment I wanted to do something that has been on my mind since I was in college! I had a job as a nanny for a couple different family's and it seemed like most of the kids would only eat apples, mac and cheese and drink apple juice. (Now that I have my own kid I realise this is just a normal kid! hehe) Anyway, I ALWAYS wanted to be the one who could peel an entire apple with a knife in one swipe. I have now come to realize it is IMPOSSIBLE!

So here is my challenge- Get yourself a nice big apple, get a knife and go to town peeling it in the biggest piece you can possibly make! Once the piece gets cut, take it and measure it, and of COURSE take a picture and post it along with your blog post! I want to see if anyone can do this! If you can, I will bow down to you- as well as award you with a really fun prize of your choice of ANYTHING from either of my shops! (That is almost 100 things to choose from!)

SO come on moms, grandma's, aunts, cousins, nanny's- get your knifes and apples ready and show me what youve got!!! Make sure you leave me a comment so I can come check you out too! And make sure to leave a mention to this post and the contest in your blog post! Entries will end next Tuesday night- so let see how you do! :)


  1. No way I could do that! Not even in 100 slices! I SUCK at peeling!

    Oh, and funny story... I suck at cutting too! I use to never be able to cut my pizza/pancakes/anything I'd have to cut, I'd just have to break it with my hands... Still sorta that way!

    I hope I'm better by the time kids come along!

    How are you doing?!?!??!?! I so just want to do lunch someday somehow!

  2. I am totally going to try that i love love love this idea fo a mclinky are you going to offer a prize each week or have someone else offer the prizes?
    anyway great idea. and funny challenge I will try it and take pics when chris gets hme since his camera phone doesn't suck as bad as mine. Then blog about it. FUNNY STUFF

  3. So how did yours turn out? Thanks for stopping by on my big day.

  4. Ok, so I dont' have pictures, BUT i have been able to peel apples in 1 big peel since I was a little girl. In Washington we did a lot of apple stuff because of the orchards we had near by. Maybe tomorrow I will take a pic, but be assured I can peel apples AND potatoes in one big strip.


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