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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A fun way to make someones day!

We have had a family tradition going since DH and I have been married. Each year we make a plate full of goodies, print off a picture of a ghost and write up a clever message and pass it to 2 of our neighbors. The goal is to get them to pass it along to 2 people ect ect! Last year we did one to our neighbor and they did it to us the next day, so we had to make 4 sets of treats! lol So here is ALL you have to do
#1 Make a plate of yummie goodies! (I just used a chocolate cake mix and a can of butter cream frosting that I died orange and frosted the cupcakes with that and sprinkles!)
#2 Print off a cute ghost and a note that says something along the lines of "You have been BOO'd! Please enjoy these treats and copy and then hang up the ghost in your front window so people will know you have been hit. Please make 2 sets of treats within 2 days and give them out to 2 of your neighbors along with a copy of the ghost and the note! (dont let them see you!) Lets try to get this to as many houses as we can before Halloween! Dont spoil the fun!)#3 Pass out the treats! See how many neighbors you ca get these signs to! SO fun! (And you can always do more than 2!)



  1. We do this also. We Boo you then pass the candy on and watch the fun happen.

  2. So clever. Never hear of this before. Will definitely try this and hope the neighbors play along :o)

  3. So amazingly cute. I think I have to do this! All around town!

  4. What a sweet idea. Plus, it helps neighbors get to know each other better.


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