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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Think about it Sunday

(This is just a dumb little fun one! lol)
Does your DH help around the house? What does he help you do? Does he do anything that bugs you (house cleaning/work wise lol) What do you wish he would do? What do you have to ask again and again for him to do? And what does he refuse to do?

My hubby helps on occasion lol. He gets in these moods where he is such a help, then there are days when he wont even pick up a sock.... He usually does the dishes and cleans out the car when he decides to help. (Which is great with me because I HATE dished!) When we were first married he would always be picking up and moving my stuff to places I couldnt find it! It drove me NUTS! Maybe that is why he doesnt help as much as I would like sometimes! hehe. I guess what I would have to keep asking him to do would be pick up his dirty clothes.... but what man would do that?!? lol. He refuses to change diapers. I have no clue why! It seems like the once a month he does change one it is a messy one! (serves him right lol!)

Anyway- let me know what yours does!


  1. My man usually changes the diaper when he is home! I love it!

    But he NEVER makes dinner, which is my LEAST favorite thing to do.

    He'll do dishes though!

  2. Dakin changes diapers and will take out the trash and cook if I ask. He will occasionally pick up, but it's always on my urging. He won't do dishes (it was a punishment when he was young, and so he associates it with that), but with everything else, he will if I ask.

  3. My husband does everything! He is great...he is a firefighter, so it allows him to be home for 48 straight hours. He loves to cook, but so do I, so it always works out! He doesn't mind doing dishes or anything like that! He changes diapers too! Cloth diapers at that...he doesn't like to dump the poo though, so I usually do that, but it is fine because he does so much! It is truly a blessing!

  4. My husband helps, but only with what HE wants to do. So he does not do dishes and rarely cooks, because things that he THINKS tasts good together usually does not. He will clean, but he seems to clean rooms or places that no one sees, so he never cleans the tv room, dining room, kitchen or the main bathroom. but he will clean teh basement bathroom, hallways, stairways and kid bedrooms if it is needed. Go figure.

  5. I figure that since I'm home, the domestic stuff is my job...although Scott will help with anything I ask of him and he never complains. He changes diapers and pitches in whenever I ask him to help, and never complains. When I'm sick, he takes care of everything. He may not do the job like I would like it done, but it still gets done and I'm grateful for that :D .

  6. Jon is better at doing stuff then I am lol. Really though when he is home he is always picking up after himself and being helpful in any way he an. The thing that annoys me is I am an organizer, I like for everything to have a specific spot and for things to be put in their spot, Jon is an out of sight out of mind type of cleaner, so he shoves things in cupboards or closets even if they don't go there. The only thing Jon will NOT do is give Skye a bath, doesn't matter how much I beg, he will NOT do it...everything else he is more than happy to help with and usually does it before I even have to think about asking (half the time it is before I know it needs to be done)


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