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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I hate my vacuum!

My vacuum doesn't suck- and that REALLY sucks! Not only that, but anything I try to get up off the carpet is instantly chopped into 10,000 peices that come flying back at my feet! I can vacuum for an hour, and the floor ends up being dirtyer than it was before I started! it makes me SO mad! SO anyway- anyone have a suggestion of a good cheep vacume? (p.s. I have changed the belts multiple times, it does not have a bag- it is on the lowest setting, but still, it doesnt work!)


  1. Have you looked on Craig's list or at yard sales in your area? Sometimes people off-load perfectly good vacuums for cheap because they're moving or something.

    We have a Hoover that's pushing 13 yrs old. It's no Dyson, but it works well. Luckily, half of our small home is tile, so I don't vacuum all that much, but it does the trick.

    Good luck!

  2. When mind does this--it's because there is something stuck in the tube inside. You know, the tube that takes the dirt to the canister. I'm pretty sure that tube is clogged. Just unplug it and explore the innerds of your machine. You may not need to buy a new one after all.

  3. If all else fails and you don't want to doll out the cash for a new one, I'd check out the free classifieds on I love that site. We've gotten all kinds of things for super cheap.

  4. Well, you may not remember, but a few months ago Mandy had teh same delema. Here is my suggestion (and she took it) 10 years back I bought a Hoover Boss Smart Vac. IT ROCKS!!!! I just had to replace it, but I bought the exact same one. Now I know Mandy bought one, my mom has one and Grandma Elder has one also. They aren't to expensive and you can get it and the bags at Wal-mart. It's worth it, trust me. If you don't trust me then check out consumer reports it is rated on there also.

  5. OH MY GOSH! We are kindred spirits!~
    I just got a new vacuum and it rocks!
    Its a bissel power force and I got it at Walmart (ick, but great prices) for like $45.00. That is an awesome price for a NEW vacumm and it 'sucks' great. I was so happy using today I even took pictures of the lines in my carpet that it left. (they made me feel like I accomplished something) it!
    Gool luck!
    P.s. Its my second one, my last one lasted me 9 years!

  6. Josie,
    I have the one Chris and I got for our wedding, it does get plugged with carpet fuzz (new carpet) or cat hair every 8mo. and has to be cleaned out, but then it's wonderful, but we are getting rid of it, if you don't want it, i'll throw it in my garage sale i'm going to have. Just let me know,, I think we have a new belt for the next time it needs it too! :)


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