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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tutorials for tonight! - Cloth diaper burp cloth

Ok- well This is my 100 post, and since I dont have anything exciting going on and just did a gievaway I went for the next best thing- I figured it was about time I posted another tutorial.... I havnt had time to do the usual hemstitched burp cloths I normally send with my baby gifts, so I have been doing these instead. I will start with the easy method and end up with the more difficult, but much better method!

Easy method-

First off, you need to buy a package of the 12 for $12 cloth diaper prefold that they sell at Walmart- they are Gerber brand. These things suck for actual diapers, but they work ok for burps! lol. You need to prewash them about 4-5 times because the inside is made out of a spongy batting, and washing helps loosen things up- BTW, all fabric should be washed before use to get it all shrunk and ready to use- then you dont need to worry when you throw it in the wash!
Now, get a cute peice of flannel fabric 6 inches by the length of the fabric long. (Cotton woven fabric or 'quilting fabric' is ok, but it about 1/2 as absorbant as flannel, so flannel is just a better fit!) Take your 6 inch peice and iron all the edges just a little bit because flannel frays very badly!
Lay the flannel right side up centered in the middle of the diaper. Pin all around so it doesnt move around much. You are only doing one side at a time, so one side will be covered and then you will have a big long tail on the end. Now sew with a straight seam all the way around the flannel, being sure to catch all the edges. Once the first side is done, repeat on the other side. Again use a straight stitch and make sure to catch all the edges.

Now you are done! How easy was that?!? Perfect baby shower gift and you can make it in about 5 minutes!

I like to add some ribbon, rick rack, a bow- whatever you would like to fancy it up! You can use decorative stitches or just a straight or zig zag.

Now for the more complicated method-

Start with a peice of fabric 20inches by 14 inches. You will also need an old towel and a peice of white flannel if you prefer.

Cut out 2 peices 20 by 14 inches of the towel. Or, you can do 1 peice of the towel and another peice of just plain flannel.
My two peices of towel....
now fold one of the peices of towel in 3, meeting in the middle. This is the soaker part of the burp cloth. Now take a wide zig zag stitch and go all the way around the tri folded peice.
(I tried to do it in green so you could see!
Now, once the trifolded peice is sewn onto the regular flat peice you can go ahead and assemble. Take the 20 inch by 14 inch peice of flannel you cut out and fold it in half right sides facing each other. Now take your towel peice and lay it on top of the flannel. Pin all the way around. Now take a straight stitch and sew 3 sides- making sure the side you dont sew isnt the side that is folded! (You need to be able to turn it inside out!)
Clip corners and bulky excess and turn it inside out. It will look like a fluffy blanket or pillow case. Turn in the seam that isnt sewn yet and pin it catching all the parts that arnt sewn yet. Now you get to sew all the way around the edge. A decorate stitch is fun but you can do straight! Be careful in the spot where the soaker is and in the corners that you dont break a needle! (I did!)
Now you need to sew down the soaker. Find where it is and put pins in a line or mark it with washable fabric marker or chalk. Sew a straight seam down the edge so it is in 3 parts.
All done! I hope my instructions wernt amazingly confusing! Send me pictures and let me know how it worked if you decide to try it!!


  1. Josie, I so wish I lived by you so I could hire you for sewing lessons...I was going to tell you the other day--could you do a small tutorial, like a sewing 101 for dummies? I would love that, personally.

    Congrats on the 100th post!!!!

  2. Great blog, and I like how you had an easy option and a more challenging one.


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