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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday- Family Cloth

Well, You all either loved the cloth diaper post or hated it- so here is another one to make you think. Let me start off by saying we don't do this at my house, but I would! I don't think it is a big deal and it really would save a ton of money, but I just haven't acted on it.

Ok- Family cloth is washable toilet paper. That is it. It basically means that by using wash clothes to wipe your bottom instead of toilet paper, and you save hundreds of dollars a year! So what do you think? Do you do it? Could you? Would you DH go for it? Does the idea weird you out? I really want to know what people think about this or if most of you have even heard about it!

p.s. just for Devon I will be posting a begining sewing tutorial soon- (I have about 100 things to do before I get to it, but hopefully sometimes this week! My birthday is on Thursday, so we will see what I get done by then! :) )


  1. While this would save quite a bit of money, I don't think this is something I would do unless there was absolutely no alternative. Also, my husband would never go for it. Right now I'm introducing the idea of cloth diapers for the next baby and he thinks I'm crazy.

  2. We cloth diaper and use cloth wipes on my youngest son (and my oldest son too before he was potty trained). So it was not a stretch to introduce family cloth. I took some flannel, cut it into squares, and voila! DH wasn't/isn't too keen, but I much prefer family cloth over regular toilet paper. So much softer and you feel way cleaner. I simply wash with the diapers. I also use cloth pads (again, why have sweaty yucky plastic pads?), and to me it's more about comfort then cost. Environmental benefits are a nice bonus too! There was never any 'ick factor' for me, I find it so much cleaner then regular toilet paper. But we always have regular toilet paper in the house too :)

  3. DH was totally onboard for cloth diapers, so I thought perhaps he might be all for family cloth. That wasn't really the case. So I use cloth for me for pee, and we use toilet paper for the other. But we do use cloth wipes on our son for everything.
    And using cloth does save lots of TP now that I'm pregnant and pee 50 times per day. lol.


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