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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things im working on Thursday

These are suposed to be at the end..... so just pretend they are! lol

Sorry I am so late! I have been rushing around and trying to get stuff done! I am VERY excited to say I have been selling some diapers! YIPEE! Here are 5 newborn/small AI1's That I made custom for a mama in Canada
This is the inside- all fleece
Minky/PUL cover! My first and I LOVE it!
4 fitteds for the order

I also made a bunch of hand painted AI1's for Bailey too! (Well, then I ran out of snaps!)

Also a shirt for a clothing swap I am doing

As promised- my woodland creatures! hehe- I still have a brown owl and a mouse to make! They are an owl, a squirrel, a hedgehog and an acorn if you were wondering!


  1. I will so try them again.. good news is that she cried when she was wet, so they will help potty train!!! I haven't dried them yet i'm a slacker and forgot about laundry. :) the puddle is because SHE sucks a WHOLE sippy down and within the hour the diaper is FULL!!! she has a large bladder. HA HA HA

  2. Your AIOs are adorable! You are SO tempting me to buy some for the new little one coming late this summer!

  3. I really like the squirrel. If I wanted to buy one, how much would it be? The owl is my second favorite.

  4. Erin- maybe like $5 lol. Just cause yarn is expensive! Wait until I get the other owl and mouse up too, then you can decide!

  5. I don't think $5 is expensive at all. Especially because you put your hard work into it. When you put the other up I will have to decide. Are the eyes yarn or plastic? I couldn't tell. I was wondering because I wouldn't want the baby to swallow them.

  6. Sorry that I am commenting again, but do you make reusable swim diapers? I think it is pointless to buy a whole thing of the disposables if he isn't going to use them all. Also, do you make reusable toilet training diapers (like pullups)? I was just wondering for the future. I'm hoping by then that we will have a washer and dryer in our apartment.

  7. You are so talented! How long does it take you to make all of that stuff?! You make it sounds like you did it all in like a day, haha.. You probably did huh?! Man! I need a tutorial!


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