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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby leg warmers tutorial

ug- baby has been sick for like almost 2 weeks now- it sucks and she whines non stop and it is sad. Anyway, to get over it all, yesterday I decided tomake a new tutorial- this one is for the fun leg warmers (like the expensive baby legs). This is te perfect time of year for these babies- it is getting warmer, we are all ready to ditch the sweats, but it is still too cold to do so! These little leg warmers let your baby go with just a skirt or onsie all day, and make diaper changing a breeze- no pants to pull down and up whatsoever! I love these things for my girl because she litterally wont lay still long enough for me to put pants on her! lol

ok- first of all, this is probably one of the easiest tutorials EVER! These make the cutest little baby gift for boys or girls, and took me less than 5 minutes to do 2 pairs start to finish- I am not kidding!

ok- start out with a pair of patterend socks. (I got these at Walmart for $1!) Longer socks work much better on bigger babes, but it really does not matter at all. I would get a couple of different lenghts so you can see what size will be best- trust me, once you see how easy this is you will be making a ton!

Using a rotery cutting board, lay the ruler on the sock so that it will make a straight cut right above the heal. If you dont have a cutting board or cutter, mark a line with a pencil and ruler and cut with scissors.
Now for the cut below the heel. Lay the footy part so that you will have a completely straight cut once again (I hope these pictures help!) Cut.
I didnt get a picture of this, but go ahead and cut off the toe part the same way. (again so the entire part of the sock that you have now cut is straight.)Here is a picture of it all cut up- you should have the top half, the heel part, the foot part and a toe.Take the foot part and fold it inside of itself. (in half) This is now the 'cuff'.Slide the leg part of the sock into the 'cuff' that you just made. Pin all 3 edges together so that they dont slip. Sew together! I actually sew it straight 2 times around and then zigzag just so it wont come apart. Just make sure you get all the layers!
Wallah!!! You now have a cute and easy pair of leg warmers! Now, if you know me at all, you knew there would be a giveaway at the end of this post, didnt you! So please leave me a comment with your link to your blog, or your email addy if you dont have a blog and tell me why you would like a pair of these and what color would work best for you! It never hurts to enter! (I actually gave away bows to every person who contacted me about them!) SO go ahead and enter- and blog about how cool I am too if you want! ;P lol.

OH YEAH- and if you dont sew, or dont want to tackle a project like this- PLEASE email me and I will give you my address to send me the socks, and if you pay for the shipping, I will make them up for you for free!


  1. I made some of these for my niece! They are SO CUTE! I need a girl to wear some!

  2. these are super cute! I just started sewing and these seem easy! I totally want to win some! I should win them because neither of my girls have ever had any and they should! Haha!

  3. Ok, I'm sure someone has told you this, but you are amazing. Seriously! SO talented!

    I hope the LO feels better soon!

  4.'re so smart!!
    Your blog is fantastic, too...almost makes me wish I had little ones again =)

  5. this is a cute idea! i saw some very cute socks at the $ store that would work.
    thanks for the visit and comment to my blog.

  6. Hey Josie -- I was going to try e-mail you back, but your address doesn't come through to my e-mail - so hope you don't mind me stopping by here! You'd asked how to send pictures of your DD to me for my monthly Hair Share ... you can just send them to me at babesinhairland AT gmail DOT com. Or you should be able to click my e-mail address on my profile .. I think it's there too! Looking forward to seeing what you send! Oh, and btw - looks like you've got a lot of fun stuff going on over here. Much more creative than I can be!

  7. I got my package today! YEAH! Thanks so much for the bows, I love them so much I might even wear them myself!


  8. I love how you've figured out how to make all the cute, expensive things for cheap. I need to find myself a sewing machine so I can do them myself. In the meantime, I'd love to win a pair to go with the cute bows you sent me! Purple is always great, as is pink - matches most baby girl clothes. But if I win, anything will do!

  9. Those are so neat. I definitely want to try making some of those. I'll have to see what cute socks I can find.

  10. Just found this tut through someone in my yahoo group and these are GREAT!!!! I have 5 babies now, but when I started I was also a poor college student raising a baby. (Still have not achieved independently wealthy status, alas...) So when I say "YOU ROCK!!!" I know of what I speak! Way to Go!


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