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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some cool stuff!

Lastnight, while I was suposed to be doing my homework, I can across a post on the forum I belong to about a company called chacha. I had heard the ladies talk about it before and decided I would give it a try. What it is, is a text message awnsering company basically. You text in ANY question you might have to the number 242242 and you will almsot imediatly be awnsered with the awnser. Try it, I swear it is awesome! It is free, with just standard messaging charges applying, and you can really ask AnYtHiNg!

SO anyway, they are taking new recruits for the job of awnsering questions. All you have to do is go to all you have to do is take a short test, watch about an hour of orientation videos and you are off earning money! (It may be only like $0.20 a question, but those add up and it is great for play money!) I know most of you are on the computer most of the day anyway! (lol haha) so you may as well be doing something with it right?!? Did I mention it is free for you to sign up too!

Secondly, I was watching tv this morning and saw a commercial for a free frozen entree from Kashi! I LOVE Kashi! They make yucky sounding things taste so good! SO go to and put in yoru info for a free frozen meal! You CANT beat free right?!?!


  1. Josie I did ChaCha for a while, they started changing a whole bunch of things and started changing how much they paid you. Anyways, I might have to look into it again and look and see if it is worth it, because before it wasn't.


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