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Sunday, February 15, 2009

non-paper paper towels

I have felt the need to blog about this subject for some time now. Why? Well because I wholeheartedly beleive it is one of the few BIG things we did in our life to save a lot of money.

It started at first when we moved and didnt have the extra funds to go out and buy paper towels. I had gotten a couple of stacks of washcloths for our wedding and figured I would try them out until we got our next paycheck. I was hooked from then on!

These babies are the best! You can do anything with them, get them filthy and wash them to be brand new again! I alwasy felt terrible cleaning up with paper towels because I am not a fan of gunk, or of getting gunk onto my hands (as often happens with a thin papertowel!) And I would use like 1/4 a roll each time I would clean! This way, I can use as many as I want and not feel bad about it! I had washcloths coming out of my eyeballs! I seriosly had like 4 stacks full!

About 6 weeks ago there was a duck frying accident at our house....... (DH and his BFF decided to fry a duck in my fry daddy- in order to get it completely oiled up they filled it up too full. The entire counter, sink, cabinet, drawer full of baby feeding supplies, floor, and pretty much a weeks worth of mail were taken as casualties......) ANyway, after that incident, my washcloths were being grabbed out of every spot they could be found and being thrown onto the oil. Of course men dont understand the difference in many things, rags and wash cloths being one of those things. They grabbed, and managed to ruin, every single one of my nice washcloths! The only ones that made it out alive were the ones in the washer.... I was SO mad!

So being the cheepwad that I am, I have still yet to go buy myself more! I am using a couple of old towels that I have cut with a pocket knife! (anyone else have huge issues finding scissors in a time of need?!? lol) I am staging an intervention for myself tomarro, and I will be going out to buy myself new washcloths, if anyone wants to join in on the cause a simple email to me will give you my addres..... JUST KIDDING!!!!

Anyway- I LOVE washcloths- they are so great! So I dare you to try it for one week. If you dont think you can go paper towelless for a whole week, then try for a whole day, or two whole days- just think of the money you can save just by cutting something so simple out of your weekly budget! You will soon find them to be much better for scrubbing and much easier to deal with in the process!

So what do you think? I know many of my fellow crunchy diva's do this already, but I am certain at least half of my readers have never tried it- are you willing to take the challenge? Let me know!


  1. We had to go washcloth...we were burning through paper towels (we have nurses at our house pretty much 24-7 and they were using paper towels to dry their hands). So we finally took the ten million bar cloths that we have and used them--we just bleach them every time we wash them. We still use paper towels sometimes for meds and stuff, but we have totally brought down our consumption. It's awesome.

  2. I'm going to try this!! My family used wash cloths like that growing up... But paper towels are expensive! I'm doing this! Bring it on!

  3. Just found your blog, and what a great tip - we have a little baby too and are going through paper towels like crazy after he started solids - due to his preference for smearing it all over - so this is a great tip for us!
    sarah @


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