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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ohhhhhh when there is just way too much to do!

Wow I am having some sort of week.... I have just been in a total slump all week long. My child turned 1 and turned into a monster in the process! Ok, really she just had to get 5 shots and I think is still just trying to get through it! She has been sleeping maybe a total of an hour durring the day, and crying and throwing huge fits most of the rest of the time. I didnt know a 1 year old could be so naughty! Oh well, hopefully today gets a little better!
I have a play date AND a visitor coming tomarro, both of which I need to clean my house for. I have about a million things I need to sew, now that my sewing machine (which has been broken for an entire month!) is working just fine! (gotta love a DH who loves to tinker and a set of wire nuts!) I have SO much homework- in fact, I really dont even know where I am SuPoSeD to be, my teacher is no help at all to me, and my computer wont work with the software this week!

Ok- so all that whining and complaining is out.... Phew!! So here comes the fun part- anyone got any questions to ask me? I am in the mood for some chatting and will freely awnser any question asked- so go ahead!!

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  1. OK...hmm...alright. I don't know what your daughter's name is (and you don't have to tell), but how did you decide on her name?

    What is your favourite fruit and why?

    What do you like to sew the best?

    How did you learn how to sew?

    Are you prepared for The Terrible Twos? (that's actually a moniker, I've found...they appear usually right after baby's first birthday)

    Where are my keys?


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