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Monday, February 9, 2009

Doctors and homemade baby food...

So today I took my sweet little 1 year old to the doctors. I really liked this guy when we went in the first time because she had some serious exema around 8 months old. He was fine, nice, gave us some vitamin drops because we dont like to use boxed baby cereal, and some cream and sent us on our way. The next encounter at the 9 month check up, not so much,..... He told me my daughter needed to start cutting her calories... he even wrote it on her footprint page they send home for the baby book! This made me mad. She was nursing and eating only vegtables with a fruit maybe once a day and some yogert. (maybe a little cereal) Cutting her calories would mean to basically stop feading her? I didnt get it.

So today at our visit he told me she didnt need the vitamin drops her had given her, and acted really weird about why I made my own baby food. I dont go all out- I feed her fortified cereals once and a while as desert if she isnt full, but how hard is it to mash up some fruits and vegtables to feed my child, rather than open up a jar. I guess people have their different oppinions, but when we were on vacation and using 6 jars of baby food a day, at nearly $1 each... well that is just nuts to me! My baby not only enjoys foods they dont even think of putting out as baby food (broccoli, asparaga, brussel sprouts, lima beans.) But she is eating healthier and SO much cheaper in the process!

Anyway- enough with my rant. I just think it is funny that even doctors some times dont get it! Oh well, I am glad she eats finger foods exclussivly now! Yipee for being a big girl!!


  1. Um, I don't understand the doctor either - we used to smash up our food before we added our spices for the boys - easy, cheap, got them used to what we ate, etc. When our oldest was very little - they had him on enfamil with iron which caused him to gain a lot of weight - we just took him off the iron formula and put him on regular and he lost the weight but the big weight loss was when he was walking more and more and all over the place - from what I see of your daughter in the cute little shirt you made for her - I don't get what the doctor was saying

  2. Josie you are doing a great job! I ve had to learn and remember that Doctors have their own opinions just like all the different mom have theirs. I have made baby food for my kids and will continue to do it. Not only is it cheaper but Bailey isnt getting the extra sugar, salt and preservatives that are in bottled babyfoods. Your the mom! Keeping doing what you feel is best!


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