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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My swap package....

Wow, I have really been slacking this week. I have done next to NO homework, barely done any housework, and havnt even taken many pictures or made many crafts this week. One thing I did do, was praticipate in the winter blues swap- it was seriosly SOOOO much fun! If you are my partner, read no further! This is what I sent in my "5 favorate things package".
1. Skittles- I LOVE the purple kind, but I am enjoying the new citrus ones since they dont seem to have purple at my walmart any more....
2. FLip Flops- Flip flops and cowboy boots are the only two kinds of shoes I wear, PERIOD! (plus, they have them in super cute patterns at Hoby Loby for $1!)
3. Hot pink nail polish- I LOVE hot pink on my toes- it just makes everything more fun!
4. Body butter- Nothing is better than body butter on a cold winter day! We have some dry skin at our house, and this does the trick!
5. Natural Ice chapstick- I have loved this stuff since high school. In fact, I havnt had any for the past year or so, so I bought myself some too!!

My alltime favorate thing is Oreos.... I didnt send those in my packages because I thought they would end up in 2 million peices..... Oh well! haha- go buy some and pretend they are from me!

I really want everyone who is participating in the swap either to post pictures on their blog or send me an email explaining what they sent/received, it is fun to see what everyones favorates are!!

Happy swapping! And if you still want to sign up- make sure to click on the icon and email me!

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