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Thursday, February 12, 2009

First set of questions- from Kylie's mom

Here is my first set of questions from “Kylie’s mom”
Be sure to leave a comment asking your own questions!

What is your favorite fruit and why?

· Pineapple!!! It is just so good and sour and juicy and smells so wonderful!!

What do you like to sew the best?

· Hm….. that’s a really hard one! I like to sew everything! I like to make diapers- I have a lot of fun doing it and they are pretty easy for me. I like to make gifts for people. I like to make my daughter dresses for Sunday- she has 2 dresses in her whole closet that were not made by me!How did you learn how to sew?Probably in middle school in home ec. My mom used to sew, crossstitch, all that stuff, but does none of it now. I kind of taught myself….. I don’t know. I just try things out to see if they will work. Sometimes they will, sometimes they wont!

Are you prepared for The Terrible Twos? (that's actually a moniker, I've found...they appear usually right after baby's first birthday)

Well, by the looks of today- It looks like there is no time left for preparing, it is here! (It is so funny because I read your post about Sam’s temper tantrums yesterday and though- WOW, that is exactly what Bailey is doing RIGH NOW! (except it was with the remote and not the cordless phone! lol

Where are my keys?

I have asked myself this question MANY times. So here are some suggestions on what I have done that may work for you-
1. Have you checked in the cup holder in the car? (DH loves to throw my keys in there when he has his own he wants to use in the ignition- sometimes he is even super helpful and locks them in there!)
2. Have you checked in the toy box?
3. What about the bathtub?
4. Are they in the bottom of your diaper bag?
5. How about in the fridge?

Still no help? Sorry, hope you resolve that one too, and when you find a beeper for the keychain, be sure to buy an extra and send it over to my house!


  1. I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you have a very Happy Valentines day! ♥ Hugs :)

  2. When we were being transferred to Kansas City, I was left in Utah, 7 months pregnant & three other kids to take care of - oh, and a house to pack. Did I mention it was Christmas? Anyway, one day, I searched and searched and searched for my car keys. I just couldn't find them anywhere! It was my day to car pool and I just about had a break-down. I finally called another parent to drive. I had a million things to do that day, and still I couldn't find those darn keys. It was late that afternoon, as I sat talking to my RS president when the thought came to me "Check the christmas tree". I almost dismissed the thought, but instead hauled myself off the couch. And there they were, hanging on the back of my Christmas tree, facing the corner. I laughed so hard (I was pretty hysterical at that point). So, don't just check the obvious places - try to think out of the box, too.


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